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[US] Fangs For The Memories

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, October 26th, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, dressed up as vampires to spread the spooky charm on the island, given that it’s Halloween soon! Surprisingly, we didn’t suck at all, and might I say, that it was a fang-tastic event at the Iceberg! (please appreciate the puns :D) Thank you to all the Vampire Vikings who made it today, and shoutout to Dino for taking pictures! We have a Halloween meet-up with the army community, called the Monster Mash that is coming up this Sunday, for which we are going to train on Saturday! Make sure to check out the channels for the same, and react there if you can attend – Monster Mash Training & Monster Mash Battle

Max: 20

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[EU] Halloween Is On It’s Way

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, October 22nd, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, for an EU Training Session! We all gathered inside the Mine where we practiced bombs and formations, focusing on our speed throughout. Thank you to everyone who joined us in training, and a shoutout to Claire, ABeeInATree, Holly, and Dino for taking pictures today! Make sure to check the practice battle that we have tomorrow with our lovely allies, the Ice Warriors, and react in the channel if you can make it – Green Clown Practice Battle vs. Ice Warriors

Max: 21

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[US] Our Gourd Luck Charm

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, October 19th, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, for a Pumpkin Takeover Event to practice formations and speed at the Docks! We all looked gourdgeous today with our pumpkin heads on, and thank you to everyone who could make it to the training! A shoutout to Claire, Dino, and Jojo Teri who took pictures of today’s event! Make sure to check out the upcoming event that we have, and react in the channel if you can make it – Snow Forts Training.

Max: 21

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[EU] The V In WV Stands For Victory!

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, October 8th, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, for the Legends Cup Semi-final round against the Army of Club Penguin. We all gathered at the Iceberg for a warmup session, before meeting our opponent at the Snow Forts, battling it out there, at the Dojo, and finally ending our battle at the Iceberg. According to the Judges’ verdict, we won the first two rooms, and tied for the final room, eventually winning the entire battle! Congratulations Weevees and a big thank you to everyone who showed up and helped us get this victory! Indeed, this would not have been possible without you all. Well done to the Army of Club Penguin for putting up a great fight and making this a fun battle, and thank you to the judges for refereeing this battle. Lastly, a huge shoutout and thanks to Dino, Mare, and Pingo for taking pictures today, and to Dragon, for recording the battle. Let us all keep up the good work, and I bet Legend Cup will be ours! The finals will be happening sometime next week, so do keep a lookout for when the event has been announced!


Max: 41

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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer || 08/07 – 08/13

Hey Vikings! Welcome back to another Frostbite Observer post. For this week we had a total of 5 events.

Here is our rank for Top Ten:

As well as… the promos of the week! Congratulations to the following:

I’m stopping the post once more to show some beautiful art one of our staff members, Holly, has drew for Ocean Oracle!

Now onto the post!

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Breaking Funks Out Of Prison! [US]

Hey Water Vikings!!

Today we logged onto Abominable and went to the Town to devise
our plan to break Funks out of prison since he committed tax evasion
multiple times. We soon went to the Night Club to dig under the ground
to the prison. Unfortunately, the guards saw us but fortunately thanks
to it being April Fool’s day we played it off as a joke and managed to get Funks
out of prison. Hopefully for the last time.
Thanks to everyone who logged on!
See you next time!

[Max: 27]

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[EU] Sword Duel with the Ice Warriors

Hello Pirakings!

Today we logged on to Ascent on CPR to Duel with the Ice Warriors! We gathered at the Iceberg before meeting IW at the Stadium. We then moved to the Ship Battle room (just off the Beach) for a fearsome duel! Thanks to everyone for coming, and congratulations to Paragon for winning our Nitro Giveaway! See you tomorrow!

Max: 20

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[US] Blast to the Past with ACP

Hello Vikings! 

On 1st June, 2021 the Vikings logged on to Abominable on CPR and took on our beloved allies, the Army of Club Penguin! However, this battle was different from our usual ones. We had a 2007-style battle with all instructions given on CPR itself! We fought in the Stadium and Iceberg; thanks to Oreo for leading both rooms! And don’t forget about our Battle with Ice Warriors on Wednesday!

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