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[AUSIA] Photo Day II


March 2nd, 2023
Led by Df44 and Cabin
Post Written by Dino

Hilsener, WV!

Today we logged onto Ice Breaker, CPABattleground, for an AUSIA event! Great work WV!

[Maximum Peak] 23


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[AUSIA] TROOPS LEAD | 03/02/24

Hey Vikings! Today on the 3rd of February, 2024, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker for our Troops Lead AUSIA event.

Max: 21

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[AUSIA] Preparation for RPF PB ¦ 13/01/2024

Hello Water Vikings! On 13th January 2023, we logged on to CPA Battleground and went to Icebreaker – Stadium to do our practice battle against the Blackhole Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)

They played very well, but we don’t have nothing to envy, because we’re greatest WV.

Max. 17

Huge thanks to Mabel for VC leading and to Cabin for DM helps and Dino for tactic leading! And of course all staff and members that joined. Without you, this cannot be posible.

Thanks to everyone who attended and took event pictures!

Fear the Wave!

Skyu, besti WV

Viking Chief

[AUSIA] Operation: AUSIA Balls [25/11/2023]

Hey Water Vikings! On 25th November 2023 at 9:00 AM EST we logged on CPA Battleground for our hammer event! We went to Icebreaker – Iceberg. Our main focus was… playing with Dino balls with our cool Mabel water hammers. From what I’ve heard he survived so it didn’t go exactly how we planned to, but we still had a lot of fun!

Thanks to Mei and Claire for tactics leading and everyone who has participated. We’re Water Vikings.

Max. 20

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and took event pictures!

Fear the Wave


Viking Guard

Aqua Vikings

Hello Water Vikings! Today we logged on CPAB, Ice berg, wearing our normal uniform but with the Aqua color instead and completed a training on basic forms. Shoutout to the several new members that attended our event today and got promoted! Also thanks to Mabel for voice chat leading,to me (Jojo) for leading the event and to everyone who showed up and took event pictures.

The maximum size of WV in the event was 17

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[AUSIA] Saturday AUSIA

Hey Vikinsgs, today on August 19, 2023, we logged onto CPA Batteground – Ice Breaker for our Saturday AUISIA event. Thanks to me for vc leading and Jojo for leading most of the event today.

Max: 16

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[AUSIA] Sunday Training

Hey Vikings! Today on August 13, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battleground – Ice Breaker and headed to the Cove with the AUSIA crew to have some AUSIA training, whilst stealing Jojo’s surfboard on the side.

Max: 21

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August 12th, 2022
Led by Dino and Mabel
Post Written by Dino


Hilsener, WV!

Today we logged onto Ice Breaker, CPABattleground, for an AUSIA training session. It was a pretty basic training except we finally got a good X form. yeah…very exciting.   Make sure to react in #sunday-ausia if you can attend tomorrow’s event!

[Maximum Peak] 17

(Viking Commander) Dino | Dino
(Viking Commander) Mabel | Mabel
(Viking Commander) Claire | Claire
(Viking Commander) Jojo Teri | Jojo Teri
(Vice Commander) Mogi4 | Mogi4
(Vice Commander) Crazyflame | Crazyflame
(Viking General) Aurora | Aurora
(Viking Chief) Lunita | Lunita_cziki
(Staff-in-Training) CuddlyPiplup | CuddlyPiplup
(Staff-in-Training) Skyu | Skyu55
(Staff-in-Training) sarsoorah.il.amira | sarahh!
(Viking Commodore) Pingo | pingoboiii
(Viking Ensign) Jazondm | Hampter4532
(Viking Sailor) Diamond MC | DiamondMC

(Advisor) Leo | Leo.
(Retired) Pydro | pydro
(Help Force) Jo |


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[AUSIA] Troop u-lead

Happy Saturday, Water Vikings! Mabel, Jojo, and Aaron got too lazy to lead, so they made troops lead today. They are better than them, and I advocate that these new leaders replace them IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, another successful AUSIA event from WV. Lets see some great tactics from today!

Max: 17

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[AU] Defense of ryback

Hello Watervikings

As of this morning we logged onto Warzone Iceberg to defend ryback against pic. As we defended we went to Snowforts, Stadium and Forest. Even though it wasn’t a normal time to do events for most of us. We were able to defend ryback from pic and won all three rooms. Yet during this event we were still able to max out a total of 36. Thank you for everyone who attend,lead vc or a room. As well as for the people who were committed to staying up for this event. Hope to see you guys at the next event.

Max 36.