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[AU] Defense of ryback

Hello Watervikings

As of this morning we logged onto Warzone Iceberg to defend ryback against pic. As we defended we went to Snowforts, Stadium and Forest. Even though it wasn’t a normal time to do events for most of us. We were able to defend ryback from pic and won all three rooms. Yet during this event we were still able to max out a total of 36. Thank you for everyone who attend,lead vc or a room. As well as for the people who were committed to staying up for this event. Hope to see you guys at the next event.

Max 36.


Water Vikings are going to the AUSIA Arena Finals! We can do some pretty amazing stuff when we work together. Time to bring home the trophy! Thank you to Aaronstone, Mabel, and Dino for leading today’s battle. Thank you to Mabel for VC leading today’s battle!

Max: 38

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Hi Water Vikings! Today, 14th May 2023, we hopped on CPA Battlegrounds, server Ice Breaker, room Iceberg. As always, we practicaed neat forms, great tactics and massive bombs.

Thank you leaders, hcom, staff members and all the vikings who made this fun event happen!

Stay tuned for our next event, Monday Training, you don’t wanna miss it ;)!

Max: 16

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Congratulations on the Water Vikings for an impressive victory against Dark Vikings in the Ausia Arena tournament! The Vikings Community and our veterans really pulled through today to show what we can do. We are not done yet as we have our AA Battle with SWAT next week, the ultimate test. Let’s win it, shall we? Thank you to Aaronstone, Mabel, and Dino for leading today, and Thank you to Mabel and Aaronstone for VC Leading.

Max: 36

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[AUSIA] AUSIA Arena Battle vs. PIC

Heyyy Vikings!!!! Today on May 7th, 2023, we logged onto Klondike – CPA Battleground and faced the Peoples Imperial Confederation in AUSIA Arena, where we won all 3 rooms in the end!! This was a good fight, so good job to PIC as well.

Big thank you to Aaron, Mabel and Dino for leading today and Mabel and Aaron for VC leading!!

Max: 28

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[AUSIA] Blame Wynn and Mchappy, Disha is Innocent

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, May 6, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, for an AUSIA Training Session, all hyped up for AUSIA Arena tomorrow! We all gathered at the Iceberg where we practiced some bombs and formations. Thank you to everyone who came today! Thank you to Mabel for leading today’s event, and to DrQueen, Mogi, Mabel, and Disha for taking pictures of today’s training! Make sure to check out the huge battle that we have tomorrow, and react in the channel if you can attend – AUSIA Arena Battle . <— We need all of you for this one!

Max: 15

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night, Water Vikings! On Today’s Training, the Water Vikings logged on to CPAB: Icebreaker – Iceberg to get some AUSIA training for the upcoming AUSIA ARENA Tournament! Thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you to Mabel for leading the event!
Max: 18

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HI THERE FELLOW VIKINGS 😀 On April 23rd we logged on to Ice Breaker – Town for a very productive training in the town, and then we partied in the night club! Thank you to Mabel and Dino for leading today’s event, and Mabel for voice-leading!


Max: 18

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Happy Saturday, Water Vikings! Today on 22th April we logged on CPA-Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker – Docks for a AUSIA training. We perfected our forms and we all did absolutely wonderful.

Thanks to Mabel for VC leading.

Max: 20

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[AUSIA] Sunday Berg Training

Hey Vikings! Today on April 16, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker for a Sunday AUSIA training session, where we took a bit of a different turn from our usual training and went a bit quicker today.

Thanks to Mabel for both leading and vc leading, and Mabel, Jojo, Pingo, Dino and Mogi for taking event pictures today!

Max: 22

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