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Champions Cup Final vs Templars [VICTORY]

Hey there WV! Today we faced off against the Templars in the Champions Cup Final, which I am happy to say was a total Water Viking victory! Water Vikings after all its trials and tribulations, after 11 years, has finally won a major tournament. We came oh so close in 2015, but we were snubbed in the final where we really should’ve won. I want to congratulate every single one of you who made this victory possible. It was a total team effort, from the LiTs all the way down to the staff trainees, amazing job truly everyone. Great job to Templars on an amazing battle, truly was the battle of the year. Now onto the results

[Max: 43] 

Thank you all who came and took pictures! GG to Templars! Until next time 2021 CHAMPIONS CUP WINNING WATER VIKINGS,

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