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Halloween Party and Other News


FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Vikings! Welcome to another edition of the Ocean Oracle! The Halloween Party has been out for a couple days now, and today we bring you a guide on how to get all the new items before it ends. Plus, the 16th Club Penguin Anniversary Party is out this week. There is also a new catalog with hidden items I would like to share with you and new information on what CPR has planned.

Let’s jump right into it! Firstly, you’ll be greeted by Gary, who has been testing some recent inventions. This will then lead you to the Mine Shack, where you will need to head to the corn maze to snatch a key from Herbert!

To find Herbert as soon as you enter the maze, waddle left and up. You will bump into him and you can grab the key. Once you’ve grabbed his key, RUN! It is important to note that the arrows in this maze can be very misleading…

Here’s the route to follow to successfully escape with Herbert’s key! Completing this maze will also reward you with the “Path Finder” stamp!

  1. Once you have Herbert’s key, walk back the way you came and head towards the first pumpkin which is next to a green candy patch.
  2. Continue past this pumpkin and then travel upwards, ignoring the arrow (this leads to a dead-end) and turning left at the pumpkin in the corner.
  3. Follow this pathway and turn left at the acid-vomit pumpkin and again, ignoring the arrows, continue straight on until you reach klutzy.
  4. Travel past the arrow that is pointing right and walk past klutzy.
  5. When you see the scarecrow, move upwards (north) and make a sharp left followed by a quick right turn. You will need to be quick here, as Herbert is known to push his way past the corn!
  6. You will see the finish banner, WOOHOO! Walk towards this banner.

Gary will congratulate you for escaping with the key, if you click “Go There” it will take you into the Mine.

Clicking on these coffins will trigger your transformation into a vampire! There are 3 possible vampire outfits… be sure to repeat the transformations and for each one Dance or Wave to perform some unique actions!

Now you are a vampire, you can safely enter the corn maze and will scare Herbert away! Feel free to explore the maze without Herbert chasing you or head to the Finish banner again to enter the Maze Victory room!

In this room there is a Halloween Lei and Background:


Now, if we head back to the Mine Shack and into the Haunted Mansion, there’s a free Ghost Costume to collect at the top of the stairs!

At the Plaza, there are some free Purple Bat Wings to collect!

At the bottom right corner of your screen, there is a Halloween Catalog where you can purchase all sorts of Halloween themed clothing, with some incredible custom items!

Be sure to head to Gary’s Lair, located at the Boiler Room, where in the bottom right corner there will be a Monster Maker catalog!

You can find this pin inside the Underground Pool at the bottom left of the room. The pin is the UFO.


This news probably isn’t that surprising given his heavy involvement with this event, but Herbert has now been officially confirmed to visit for the Halloween Party! While this was previously only assumed, the Club Penguin Rewritten team have now directly confirmed the news.

Q: Please say that Herbert will still be visiting the island even though we had to scare him away!
Answer by team: Yup!

Club Penguin 16th Anniversary 

On 24th October, it’ll be sixteen years since classic Club Penguin launched back in 2005, so there’s a couple of decorations on the island to celebrate!

An iconic part of each anniversary is the hat, and you can collect the 16th Anniversary Hat, located to the right of the cake, by simply clicking it. If you don’t have it already, you can also obtain the Celebration stamp by blowing out the candles on the cake, which effectively means clicking it.

The other room which has been transformed for this event is the Iceberg! As usual for this event, it has been tipped, which means you can pick up the Iceberg Tipper as a free item here. For some reason though, it’s not possible to actually tip the Iceberg through drilling, and instead, this would have automatically happened upon entering the room, regardless of how many penguins are there.

I still cannot believe it has been 16 years since Club Penguin was released. It really makes me sad how fast we all have grown up. I am glad that CPR was able to rewrite the game for us to enjoy forever.

Better Igloo Cheats, October 2021

After you’re done partying, head to your igloo to find the new catalogue along with new secret items!

Here are all the new pages with their secret items!

Welcome Room Opens

After much anticipation following the team’s announcement regarding this, the Welcome Room has been introduced on Club Penguin Rewritten! It can be accessed from the Town, though it also connects to the Plaza. At the moment, it’s currently themed around the Halloween Party, but this room will be here to stay!

It’s worth noting that the “Welcome” building on the right can’t currently be accessed, but something will be implemented there in the future. It’s not known what the team are planning for it yet though.



What do YOU think about these new items and the new room? And what about these parties? Let us know in the comments below or on discord.


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