• Welcome to WV! We are the strongest, multi-divisional army. We have soldiers from all over the world and we need YOU! Join our Discord and represent your continent on the battlefield! You'll be part of the most legendary organization in Club Penguin History. FEAR THE WAVE! ~Water Vikings Leaders


Hey Vikings! Today on the 29th of September, 2023 we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker and headed to the Snow Forts for our Operation: September Rain event!

Max: 24

Photo Credit: Mabel

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[EU] STATE OF THE ARMY | 27/09/23

Hey Vikings. Today on the 27th of September, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker for our major State of The Army event, where we maxed pretty well today!

Max: 26

Photo Credit: Aaron

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[EU] Jedi Training

Today we logged on CPAB and trained in order to become the best Jedis and destroy the Siths that have corrupted the Penguin Republic. We managed to max 15 since order 66 was executed thus reducing the amount of Jedis. The chosen one who will restore the balance, Anakin was also there marking the event as a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended, Mabel for voice leading and Dino for taking event pics (and me for leading).

Max: 15

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[US] Clone Troopers U-Lead | 22/9/23

Hey Vikings. Today on the 22nd of September, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker to train our Clone Troopers into participating in a U-Lead event.

Max: 19

Photo Credit: Jojo

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[EU] Operation: Restore the Republic vs. RPF | 20/09/23

Hey Vikings, today on the 20th of September, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker to restore the Republic against our greatest enemies, RPF!!! 🙀🙀🙀🙀

Max: 16

Photo Credit: Aaron

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wv is ballin

I just ate glass bottle shards on psychedelics

Water Vikings Galactic Week

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings:

As some of you may have noticed, the server has been redone to a Star Wars theme. As a part of an effort to build up the community, we intend on doing a lot of theme weeks going forward. Starting off, we wanted to do Star Wars due to the ongoing Ahsoka Disney+ series streaming right now. To accommodate this, we’ve made some changes.

I. Server

We’ve made some changes to the Water Vikings server. The first change is role renames. The role changes are as follows:

  • Viking Commander: Joint Chancellors
  • Viking General: Vice Chairs of the Senate
  • Viking Lord: Coruscant Ingress Ministers
  • Viking Chief: Imperial Senators
  • Viking Guard: Junior Senators
  • Viking Warrior: Apprentice Senators
  • Staff-in-Training: Senator-in-Training
  • Viking Commodore: Galactic Admiral
  • Viking Captain: Galactic Vice Admiral
  • Viking Lieutenant: Galactic Rear Admiral
  • Viking Ensign: Galactic Commodore
  • Viking Petty Officer: Galactic Captain
  • Viking Quartermaster: Galactic Lieutenant
  • Viking Constable: Galactic Ensign
  • Viking Sailor: Galactic Petty Officer
  • Viking Seaman: Galactic Crewman
  • Viking Cadet: Galactic Cadet
  • Viking Recruit: Galactic Recruit

Along with that, we have created a channel called #ahsoka-spoilers where you can freely talk about the show. Please do not spoil the show for others in the main chat! The only other change was the server icon and banner to match the theme.

II. Event Schedule

The event schedule for this week will also be adjusted for the Star Wars theme. Below is the theme of each event:

Wednesday: EU Sith Takeover Training (4 PM EDT / 9 PM UK)
Friday: US Clone Troopers U-Lead (7 PM EDT / 12 AM UK)
Saturday: EU Jedi Training & Fashion Contest (4 PM EDT / 9 PM UK)

We ask all troops to attend if they are able to as we look towards doing good this week and get back on track in spite of the September Drop. We will be doing game nights in between and a nitro giveaway if we get 20 attendees.

As a final note, if you can we’d love it if you changed your status to #MayTheForceBeWithWV. As we usually do for themes, we want all staff and even members (if they want to) to use the same status to show solidarity as a community and family. Feel free to change your profile picture to one that is Star Wars-related. That is all. Cheers WV!



September 16th, 2022
Led by Dino and Jojo Teri
Post Written by Dino

Hilsener, WV!

Today we logged onto Battleground, CPABattleground, for an EU battle against us, the Army of Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Help Force, the Templars, the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, and Friendly Gamers. The battle was super messy and laggy but we had fun. Thanks to all who attended and we hope to see you at our Jackbox game night this weekend!

[Maximum Peak] 22

(Viking Commander) Dino | Dino
(Viking Commander) Jojo Teri | Jojoteri
(Viking General) Chey | Chey
(Viking Lord) Meii | meilisa
(Viking Chief) Milzano | Milzanos
(Viking Guard) Rookie | Pinkey_penn
(Viking Warrior) Skyy | Skyu
(Staff-in-Training) CuddlyPiplup | CuddlyPiplup
(Viking Commodore) King Zahi | KingZahi4876
(Viking Commodore) Laurelblue |
(Viking Commodore) X2 |
(Viking Ensign) Diamond MC | DiamondMC
(Viking Ensign) Xqwn0 |
(Viking Petty Officer) Shady Seth | shadyseth
(Viking Petty Officer) Glemberdin |
(Viking Seaman) SlugdySlug | SlugdySlug (PROMOTED!)
(Viking Cadet) Alcest | Hampter1803 (PROMOTED!)
(Viking Cadet) hyp3rquar | hyp3rquar (PROMOTED!)
(Viking Recruit) Rexist | REexist (DOUBLE PROMOTED!)
(Guardian) Aaronstone42 | aaronstone42
(Advisor) Leo | Leo.
(Retired) Sip | sipper


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Hey Vikings. Today on the 15th of September, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battleground – Ice Breaker and headed to the Forest for a Dinosaur Takeover in our natural habitat.

Max: 17

Photo Credit: Mabel

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[EU] Wednesday Training | 13/09/23

Hey Vikings. This Wednesday, the 13th of September, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker to have some quick 15-minute training at the Iceberg.

Max: 20

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