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[US] Operation: Storming of CPA HQ | 01/12/24

Hello Water Vikings

Today as of January 12, 2024. We logged onto Icebreaker, Iceberg. This event was just a regular normal event after the trainings and battles from Christmas Chaos. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful, new years and holidays. During this event everyone did well and thank to everyone who had joined and another thank you to everyone who had lead for tactics and vc lead.

Max 22:


waaaaaa wv betrayed us as allies waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa

Waaaaaa WV betrayed EGCP because they were afraid of being beaten by an alliance but now we’re winning yet WV pussied out waaaaa ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

We stood up for you despite your alliance with Dark Vikings and your disqualification from your solo war with ACP. We stood up for you even when it was wrong to. Our golden age in May ended prematurely because we and RPF bailed you out in tiresome battles that you almost choked even with the size advantage due to rough leading (me and Aaron even gave you pointers on how to improve which you ignored anyways).

We honestly damaged our global reputation and standing because we actually valued you. We did ALL of this because you actually cared about you as allies. But now you want to spin the narrative when it is conveniant? Fuck off.

You rejected our help and did this to yourself. We’ve had to put with your bottled hatred of us during the infamous Alabama Plan (WHICH DIDN’T EVEN NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOU, BTW LOL). And even despite that we treated you with respect even when you couldn’t reciprocate it back (like how we stepped outside of our comfort zone for an “AUSIA battle” at a different time and you nearly no-showed). We actually saw you almost like brothers like with RPF, but I guess that was all in vein.

The Water Vikings formally designate the Elite Guardians as an enemy army. This does not mean we are at war (see:Fiende til hรฆren” classification on our Empire page), but any formal foreign relations are indefinitely suspended going forward. And before you accuse us of wanting to start beef/wanting a war, stop bringing us into beef that doesn’t involve us in the first place lol. Your zealotry and over-pride has only been destructive for you this generation, especially when you constantly hurl subtle (and not-so-subtle) jabs at us both after the World War and especially now.

P.S. Don’t equate armies to terrorist regimes. Bluesockwa1 made a good post about this.


Heyy Vikings! Today on the 10th of January, 2024, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker to practice our W formation for our future battle with our brother allies, RPF.

Max: 22

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Hellllllllllllo Vikings! Today on the 6th of January, 2024, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker for our Christmas Chaos Victory Parade event to celebrate our win in the Christmas Chaos XIII Finals up against the Elite Guardians!

We really appreciate everyone who showed up for today’s event to celebrate the history we made in this tournament for the Water Vikings. We hope to see you all at future events.

Max: 28

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December 30th, 2023
Led by Dino, Cabin, and Aaronstone
Post Written by Dino

I just got one thing to say, you know, everybody was wondering what would happen if the Rangers didn’t win the World Series. I guess we’ll never know.
โ€” Corey Seager

Hilsener, WV!

Today we logged onto Klondike, CPABattleground, for an EU battle. But it was no ordinary battle. We logged onto CPABattleground for the Christmas Chaos Finals. No one expected us to make it to the finals, and even when we did a lot of people thought we might lose this. EGCP outmaxed us as expected. And yet, despite ALL odds, we defeated EGCP. We have finally won our first major tournament outside of the Champions Cup in 2021.

This was only possible due to all of you. ALL of you. A lot of people will just say that for the sake of it but man, every single one of you mattered. Being outmaxed wasn’t great but even if just one of you chose not to attend, we wouldn’t have won. I dedicate this to all of you. I love all of you guys. Thanks to ALL who attended!

[Maximum Peak] 41



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Statement Re: Community War on EGCP


For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings and the Army Community:

As of writing this statement, 4 armiesโ€”the Army of Club Penguin, Peopleโ€™s Imperial Confederation, Templars of Club Penguin, and Coup Crusadersโ€”declared a state of war against our allies, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. In their declarations is a set of multiple charges, some of which are genuinely concerning and deserve to be admonished. The Water Vikings were informed of some (but not all) of the evidence days in advance which we found appalling.

Despite allies being allowed, the Water Vikings will not be directly intervening in the war on EGCPโ€™s side nor will we be providing troops to help EGCP. Whilst we heavily condemn the character assassination on Edu14463, we are unable to look past other valid issues. Not only that, but we have felt that our alliance with EGCP has waned since World War 9.

Originally only declaring war on ACP in a preemptive decision to prevent a fledging new, revived EGCP from being attacked from what EGCP described as โ€œACP imperialismโ€, we have felt EGCP has ironically become the very thing they asked to stop. The stress we and our brother allies, the RPF, dealt with when collaborating with EGCP in BSA left irreconcilable diplomatic agendas. It did not help that EGCP pursued an alliance with the Dark Vikings and did not listen to us when advising them to avoid controversy.

WV has enjoyed repairing relations with the PICCP and TCP, and do not believe prostituting ourselves for allies who have not listened to us makes any sense whatsoever. It feels like being spit in the face after we naively felt EGCP would listen to our advice on how to not get into controversy. We will not be intervening in a war that not only has no gain for WV, but would be extremely naive to enable EGCPโ€™s actions. We do not believe EGCP deserves to be thrown out of the community and still affirm our camaraderie with their army. However, we believe EGCP has brought this upon themselves and must learn the hard way after we have tried to bail them out on numerous occasions.

We remain solely committed to winning Christmas Chaos, and we hope to see all WV veterans attend as we look to make history.

P.S. WV always had intentions of making this statement, but purposely waited for declarations to drop. I have conveyed this to TCP leader Dawnables contrary to public opinion. I personally wanted WV HCOM to review before dropping. We do not tolerate the unnecessary slander, especially since if we had sided with EGCP we would’ve provided them the proof we were shown in advance.


Authorized by,

First Minister

Second Minister

[EU] Operation: CC Formation Camp

Hello Water Vikings! On 20th December 2023, we logged on to CPA Battleground and went to Icebreaker – Iceberg for our formation training before the CC Finals! During that, we practiced some forms like Y, triangle etc.

Huge thanks to Mabel for VC leading and to Cabin and Dino for tactic leading!

Max: 22

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Heyy Vikings! Today on the 16th of December, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker and continued on with the Christmas Chaos XIII battles and battled up against ACP. This was a very fun battle for the Vikings to take in, and we’re happy with the end results.

Max: 44

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Hey Vikings! Today on the 15th of December, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker and headed to the Stadium and Ice Berg for our second edition of our Speed Camp for our Christmas Chaos XIII battle up against ACP this Saturday, aka tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max: 22

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Hey Vikings! Today on the 13th of December, 2023, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker for our Formation Camp event in preparation of our Christmas Chaos XIII battle against ACP this Saturday!

Max: 23

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