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Just a couple of hours before the practice battle with TCP, three armies declared war on ACP, creating the Blue Sunset Alliance (BSA). This led to ACP raiding our event to intimidate us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t proceed with our PB with TCP; however, with ACP’s attempt to raid us, it was nothing but light work to clap back and display our dominance. So Thanks for the free battle points. Lol, GG ACP.

Max: 40

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Subj: Ice Warriors

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings and the Army Community:

Today marked the start of a series of expose posts against the Ice Warriors army. The posts outed two leaders for pedophilia, along with mentioning other discriminative behavior. I won’t be linking the posts due to the sensitivity of the topics, but they are very concerning.

After a unanimous vote by the Water Vikings’ higher command, leadership, and advisory, the Water Vikings terminate its alliance with the Ice Warriors and now classifies them as an enemy.

The conduct by the two former leaders is horrendous, bordering Recon Federation‘s levels of grossness. Whilst both leaders have resigned, the fact that this has been going on for at least a year minimum, and yet no action was done is ridiculous. There is no way leadership did not receive complaints beforehand about this behavior.

We thank Ice Warriors for being a very close ally in months and years past, including under Kally and DrQueen. We will never forget those memories. However, the incumbent Ice Warriors regime is not the same one we chose to ally with. The Ice Warriors un-allied with us in 2020 after the inexcusable behavior of a former WV 2nd-in-Command’s doxxing behavior against former SWAT leadership; I think it is perfectly reasonable for us to un-ally for something possibly worse.

In regards to the enemy status, this does not imply we are now at war with the Ice Warriors. We have no plans to interact with the map or engage in petty warfare at the moment with March Madness on our minds. What it does mean however is we will not have any foreign relations with the Ice Warriors army, nor will we practice-battle them. They betrayed our trust, along with our other shared allies.

I don’t care if the motive behind the posts were “bad”. Even if they were, that doesn’t make genuine pedophilia and other bad things moot. What happened is not justifiable in the slightest. We have taken a strong stance against pedophilia historically and will continue to do so.

This behavior is never tolerated in the community. We will survive even without the Ice Warriors. I cannot say the same for them, as they need us more than we need them.

Authorized by,

Viking Commander

Viking Commander

High Council of Vikings de-facto Chair

Water Vikings: Announcements [OLD]

Welcome to the Water Vikings!


Water Vikings are one of the oldest and friendliest Club Penguin armies! With frequent giveaways, our own Minecraft SMP server, and regular Club Penguin events, we’re one of the best Club Penguin communities to be a part of! Join our Discord now to get started!



Beginners’ Guide | Empire | U.S.W.V. | Hall of Fame | LOL | Medals | Ranks | Uniform

The Miracle of the Generation

The Water Vikings will be proudly taking part in Legends Cup XII this summer and will be spending the next few months preparing for it. The Water Vikings made it to the finals in 2015 and 2016. Now it is time we finally win one as the underdog.

March Madness Training 2.0 [US]

Hey there Water Vikings!

Today we logged onto Abominable and went started in the town and began preparing
for this month’s madness AGAIN! We soon left and went to the Ice Berg with our fearless
HCOV Revan leading us. We then went to the Stadium with our amazing leader (and my sensei)
Aaron leading us. Thanks to everyone that logged on!
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He’s Re(tired)van

He’s Re(tired)van

Everyone knows the man, the myth, the (recently inducted) legend! Revan needs no introduction but lemme give you one anyway. Revan, formerly known as Totidile, has let multiple armies, including but not limited to Club Penguin Night Divers, Air Force, Pretzels, Water Vikings, and more. His exploits in S/M community are well known, CPND beat the red alliance alone, every army he had was at the top of smac or low cpac, he created SM army alliance to fight waters CPPA during his S/M purge, he won countless s/m wars HE IS A LEGEND

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Hello, my beloved friends!

Today we logged on to Zipline on CPR to celebrate the one-and-only ME! We hung around the Docks while I tooted my own horn (and accordion, keytar, snare drum, and lighthouse). We then had a little Fashion Show, where the winner was Fudge for doing his rendition of Misty circa December 2020!

I felt so loved by every single one of you! I love you all so much! I’m still gonna be around so don’t hesitate to dm me whenever! Thank you to everyone single one of you who showed up :wvheart:

As I am stepping down from both, the leadership as well as the CEO of Ocean Oracle, I would like to take this moment to pass the torch to Mabel as the new CEO of OO! WOO!

Be there for Revan’s Retirement or I’ll eat your firstborn k byeeee

Max: 29

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[Ocean Oracle] February 2022 Uniform

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hello Vikings! The new catalogue on Club Penguin Rewritten has been released, and it comes with 2 items from the Original Water Vikings Uniform! Wanna know where to find them? Then keep reading!

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Templars, the CPA Magicians



Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings, fellow Water Vikings! This is your Consigliere Dino speaking. The Templars of Club Penguin today attempted to declare war on us. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t work out in favor. Read out to find out more!

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Conclusion of the Helligland Campaign

Spike Seal of the Water Vikings.


Addressed to the USWV,

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