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[Ocean Oracle] Penguins of the Week┇Interview 1

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Hey gamers! This post is about and dedicated to our amazing Vikings!
Every week, we award a few talented penguins with a special role for excelling in the army and on the staff team.
So, may I present: Our winners!


Staff of the Week


Viking of the Week


Recruiter of the Week


Congrats to our phenomenal award winners! Now, on to the exclusive interviews!

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The Beginning of the Owa Owa Alliance

HOT CHOCOLATE, Foreign Affairs – Hey everyone! I come bearing news, and trust me, it’s one spicy scoop!

On 8th June, 2021 the Water Vikings made an announcement that could change the course of the army! Under the leadership of Misty and Oreo, the Vikings formed an alliance with the Fire Warriors! Dubbed the Owa Owa Alliance, this steamy duo is sure to make hot waves in the army community! Thanks to Austin for this amazing graphic

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The Ocean Oracle: Do you know your Leaders?

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hello everyone! This is my very first time writing for the Ocean Oracle so I am very happy to have this opportunity to interview our newest leaders, Misty and Oreo!

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The Ocean Oracle: New beginnings

HOT CHOCOLATE, Foreign Affairs – Hey there! Welcome to the special and first edition of The Ocean Oracle. \ (•◡•) /

The Ocean Oracle has arrived to be the Water Vikings news and entertainment bulletin. Every week we will be doing interviews, talking about interesting topics not only concerning to WV but also to the whole army community as well as fun posts about CPR game updates and much more.

Without further ado, I am here to talk about friendship and community. Last month we established a new brother alliance with the Silver Empire (SE), and as they have just completed their 1 year anniversary I am bringing you their history and an exclusive interview.

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