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From the Gates of Frostbite



Written in memorium of “As The Sun Descends…” by Stromae

Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings Water Vikings, I am Dino. Some of you might know me and some might completely not know me; that is completely irrelevant. All you need to know is that I advise the Water Vikings army. I felt like writing this post due to the recent defeat at today’s AUSIA invasion against the Templars army.

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The Beginning of the Owa Owa Alliance

HOT CHOCOLATE, Foreign Affairs – Hey everyone! I come bearing news, and trust me, it’s one spicy scoop!

On 8th June, 2021 the Water Vikings made an announcement that could change the course of the army! Under the leadership of Misty and Oreo, the Vikings formed an alliance with the Fire Warriors! Dubbed the Owa Owa Alliance, this steamy duo is sure to make hot waves in the army community! Thanks to Austin for this amazing graphic

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