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waaaaaa wv betrayed us as allies waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa

Waaaaaa WV betrayed EGCP because they were afraid of being beaten by an alliance but now we’re winning yet WV pussied out waaaaa 😭😭😭😭😭

We stood up for you despite your alliance with Dark Vikings and your disqualification from your solo war with ACP. We stood up for you even when it was wrong to. Our golden age in May ended prematurely because we and RPF bailed you out in tiresome battles that you almost choked even with the size advantage due to rough leading (me and Aaron even gave you pointers on how to improve which you ignored anyways).

We honestly damaged our global reputation and standing because we actually valued you. We did ALL of this because you actually cared about you as allies. But now you want to spin the narrative when it is conveniant? Fuck off.

You rejected our help and did this to yourself. We’ve had to put with your bottled hatred of us during the infamous Alabama Plan (WHICH DIDN’T EVEN NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOU, BTW LOL). And even despite that we treated you with respect even when you couldn’t reciprocate it back (like how we stepped outside of our comfort zone for an “AUSIA battle” at a different time and you nearly no-showed). We actually saw you almost like brothers like with RPF, but I guess that was all in vein.

The Water Vikings formally designate the Elite Guardians as an enemy army. This does not mean we are at war (see:Fiende til hæren” classification on our Empire page), but any formal foreign relations are indefinitely suspended going forward. And before you accuse us of wanting to start beef/wanting a war, stop bringing us into beef that doesn’t involve us in the first place lol. Your zealotry and over-pride has only been destructive for you this generation, especially when you constantly hurl subtle (and not-so-subtle) jabs at us both after the World War and especially now.

P.S. Don’t equate armies to terrorist regimes. Bluesockwa1 made a good post about this.

Statement Re: Community War on EGCP

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings and the Army Community:

As of writing this statement, 4 armies—the Army of Club Penguin, People’s Imperial Confederation, Templars of Club Penguin, and Coup Crusaders—declared a state of war against our allies, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. In their declarations is a set of multiple charges, some of which are genuinely concerning and deserve to be admonished. The Water Vikings were informed of some (but not all) of the evidence days in advance which we found appalling.

Despite allies being allowed, the Water Vikings will not be directly intervening in the war on EGCP’s side nor will we be providing troops to help EGCP. Whilst we heavily condemn the character assassination on Edu14463, we are unable to look past other valid issues. Not only that, but we have felt that our alliance with EGCP has waned since World War 9.

Originally only declaring war on ACP in a preemptive decision to prevent a fledging new, revived EGCP from being attacked from what EGCP described as “ACP imperialism”, we have felt EGCP has ironically become the very thing they asked to stop. The stress we and our brother allies, the RPF, dealt with when collaborating with EGCP in BSA left irreconcilable diplomatic agendas. It did not help that EGCP pursued an alliance with the Dark Vikings and did not listen to us when advising them to avoid controversy.

WV has enjoyed repairing relations with the PICCP and TCP, and do not believe prostituting ourselves for allies who have not listened to us makes any sense whatsoever. It feels like being spit in the face after we naively felt EGCP would listen to our advice on how to not get into controversy. We will not be intervening in a war that not only has no gain for WV, but would be extremely naive to enable EGCP’s actions. We do not believe EGCP deserves to be thrown out of the community and still affirm our camaraderie with their army. However, we believe EGCP has brought this upon themselves and must learn the hard way after we have tried to bail them out on numerous occasions.

We remain solely committed to winning Christmas Chaos, and we hope to see all WV veterans attend as we look to make history.

P.S. WV always had intentions of making this statement, but purposely waited for declarations to drop. I have conveyed this to TCP leader Dawnables contrary to public opinion. I personally wanted WV HCOM to review before dropping. We do not tolerate the unnecessary slander, especially since if we had sided with EGCP we would’ve provided them the proof we were shown in advance.

Authorized by,

First Minister

Second Minister

Introducing: Project Tsunami

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings:

September was a very rocky month for WV which saw us almost drop to small-medium. After a draft proposal by advisor Aaronstone and heavy deliberation between the Viking Commanders, we have worked on and agreed on an outline for an ambitious rebuild to have the Water Vikings be successful this fall.

I am proud to announce Project Tsunami! Similar to Project Revival/Ascent, in which the Army of Club Penguin is underway, Project Tsunami is a series of 4 different phases. As a part of phase 1, the following things will be put into motion…

  • A complete overhaul of the staff-in-training program (due to heavy neglect of it);
  • Clean of the Water Vikings Discord (something we’ve been slowly doing);
  • Introduction of one-hour notice DMs for events going forward (along with the current log-on reminders 30 minutes before);
  • and overhaul of the Event Schedule.

The following will be the new Water Vikings event schedule for the foreseeable future. This is subject to change if we host any battles or take part in tournaments/wars.

Monday ┇ EU
Wednesday ┇ EU
Friday ┇ US
Saturday ┇ AUSIA

Along with this, we will be working on fixing how event tasks are handled and giving our HICOM more trust in event hostings. EU events will either be hosted at 3 PM EDT/8 PM UK or 4 PM EDT/9 PM UK; US events will be either hosted at 7 PM EDT/12 AM UK or 8 PM EDT/1 AM UK; and AUSIA will be hosted at 9 AM EDT/2 PM UK. Once all of these are accomplished, we intend on moving to phase 2 (which will have its own announcement post).

By the end of this project, we are looking to be going into the Winter as a competitive army once more after quite the mediocre months. If you’d like to be hired (or rejoin), please inform a Viking Commander (myself, Mabel, Jojo, or Claire). We need all the help we can get right now. Cheers!

Water Vikings Galactic Week

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings:

As some of you may have noticed, the server has been redone to a Star Wars theme. As a part of an effort to build up the community, we intend on doing a lot of theme weeks going forward. Starting off, we wanted to do Star Wars due to the ongoing Ahsoka Disney+ series streaming right now. To accommodate this, we’ve made some changes.

I. Server

We’ve made some changes to the Water Vikings server. The first change is role renames. The role changes are as follows:

  • Viking Commander: Joint Chancellors
  • Viking General: Vice Chairs of the Senate
  • Viking Lord: Coruscant Ingress Ministers
  • Viking Chief: Imperial Senators
  • Viking Guard: Junior Senators
  • Viking Warrior: Apprentice Senators
  • Staff-in-Training: Senator-in-Training
  • Viking Commodore: Galactic Admiral
  • Viking Captain: Galactic Vice Admiral
  • Viking Lieutenant: Galactic Rear Admiral
  • Viking Ensign: Galactic Commodore
  • Viking Petty Officer: Galactic Captain
  • Viking Quartermaster: Galactic Lieutenant
  • Viking Constable: Galactic Ensign
  • Viking Sailor: Galactic Petty Officer
  • Viking Seaman: Galactic Crewman
  • Viking Cadet: Galactic Cadet
  • Viking Recruit: Galactic Recruit

Along with that, we have created a channel called #ahsoka-spoilers where you can freely talk about the show. Please do not spoil the show for others in the main chat! The only other change was the server icon and banner to match the theme.

II. Event Schedule

The event schedule for this week will also be adjusted for the Star Wars theme. Below is the theme of each event:

Wednesday: EU Sith Takeover Training (4 PM EDT / 9 PM UK)
Friday: US Clone Troopers U-Lead (7 PM EDT / 12 AM UK)
Saturday: EU Jedi Training & Fashion Contest (4 PM EDT / 9 PM UK)

We ask all troops to attend if they are able to as we look towards doing good this week and get back on track in spite of the September Drop. We will be doing game nights in between and a nitro giveaway if we get 20 attendees.

As a final note, if you can we’d love it if you changed your status to #MayTheForceBeWithWV. As we usually do for themes, we want all staff and even members (if they want to) to use the same status to show solidarity as a community and family. Feel free to change your profile picture to one that is Star Wars-related. That is all. Cheers WV!

The LEGOMAN Dossier

For the past few years, the case against LEGOMAN has been made multiple times. Whether it was the September scandal of last year, the unfair advantage of the major CPForever event, the monumental revisionism and bias he committed on the Wiki, or some other scandal. No matter what we tried to do, LEGOMAN was left unscathed. We chose to forgive many times, including myself. After all, he made a post reflecting on his mistakes and promising this would not happen again.

I promise, I have been and will continue doing better.
— Legoman, ‘A Reflection and A Promise‘.

I don’t think we as a community failed. LEGOMAN made a genuine plea that he would do better, we gave him the benefit of the doubt, and for a while, it really appeared LEGOMAN had changed. I don’t think we were naive to trust him again at first. This post is not here to criticize what appeared to be character growth in the months between his post and the months afterward. Rather, we need to have a talk about his recent actions—actions that frankly cannot be simply forgiven anymore after the multiple chances we have given him. I implore everyone to read this in full.


Earlier this week the Beach Brawl tournament was held with PIC, SWAT, and FG taking part. In the end, PIC reigned supreme but not without controversy. I had been informed by CPAJ whilst the tournament was ongoing that PIC could be disqualified due to a staff member (who I will be keeping anonymous out of respect for them due to ongoing IRL stress) of the Water Vikings taking part for them. Whilst they held a rank in PIC as well, they legally could not attend for PIC due to tournament rules.

Dual enlistment is not allowed, and individuals may only attend for one army. They must stick with that army for the duration of the tournament.
— CPA Administration, ‘Beach Brawl III: Announcement & Information‘.

Given the nature of what had just happened, I immediately inquired about what happened, and what we found was absolutely morally bankrupt. Below are five screenshots showing how he tried to manipulate our staff member to sabotage PIC and thus tried to underhandedly win Beach Brawl. Note that we did photoshop out his profile picture and name only for the sake of keeping him anonymous. Exports can be provided to necessary authorities if necessary.

LEGO took advantage of a staff member of WV to violate tournament terms for PIC due to a supposed “friendship” between the two. But friends would not use each other for pawns. It’s legitimately disgusting. Lego made sure to try and cover his tracks through voice chat (something I can personally confirm he does to avoid being recorded and used against them) too. It makes it all the worse when you find out this staff member is very young (12 but legally permitted on Discord due to their account being shared with an older sibling).

As of writing, PIC and SWAT are allied with one another and have been for 8 months now. They worked closely during numerous wars. So to see Lego try to throw their ally under the bus is not okay. If you somehow argued this somehow didn’t happen despite the burden of proof, the first screenshot nonetheless suggests Lego wanted their own ally screwed over.

It is ultimately PIC’s decision on how to approach the future of their alliance, but they were informed after the tournament what happened and why they weren’t disqualified. But frankly what happened this weekend was not tolerable. Manipulating a young minor for your own tournament gain? I don’t get the logic behind that… It’s uncomfortable to even think about that but unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.


There’s also something else we cannot ignore. That being the state of SWAT talk about the obvious for some change to happen. For the past few months, SWAT has been in a rough condition. That’s not to say they’ve been utterly abysmal. After all, they did max 22 in Legends Cup, 30 in Beach Brawl, and 20 a few times in their recent war. But like an iceberg, you only see a small percentage of it on the surface.

Like an iceberg, you only see a little that can skew your perception.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about the elephant in the room: SWAT’s consistency. SWAT for the month of August has been very inconsistent. Whilst it is true that they’ve peaked quite high, it has been balanced out by its more weaker sizes. A look at SWAT’s top ten weekly averages for the month of August paints a good image.

I have said before that living and dying by the Top Ten is not a good philosophy; it really isn’t the best metric. So why do I bring this up? I bring this up because whilst the Top Ten can’t be something to live by, it still gives you a good idea of where your army is trending. SWAT got 9th place on the Top Ten of July and has only marginally improved. To my knowledge, I don’t even think SWAT had any events this week despite scheduling some.

As I mentioned in my comment, the community is far more important—and it still is. That’s why I can’t pick on armies maxing low on occasions. But when you normalize this type of behavior that has been going on since July 2nd, it can be a bit concerning. It doesn’t help that I regularly hear about event cancellations from SWAT. SWAT had 3 events scheduled this week but I see nothing for them. That is when I have to care about the Top Ten trends.

I for one don’t think SWAT’s community is non-existent. I have no right to critique something I have no idea about. But from where I stand, this rebuild has been very stressful to watch and pretty negligent. Is it solely LEGO’s fault? I’m sure it isn’t. He might actually be behind the scenes, the only one caring. But when you’re effectively the solo leader (after Sweater left halfway) and you recently got force-treatied for no-showing a war you declared, I do become concerned. As Krill, a SWAT 2nd-in-command, has pointed out, SWAT was “not quite prepared for the war”.

The failed war, falling sizes, HICOM jumping ship, mass-cancellations, and more are all signs of a dying army. It’s not a very ideal situation and as long as this negligence continues, it will become a lot more difficult to salvage. SWAT doesn’t the resources like ACP did to get out of an almost impossible-looking rebuild.

Understand where I am coming from with this section. I mean this as a constructive outlook on SWAT’s current state. I’m sure this is a sentiment many SWAT veterans and even current SWAT (including yourself in private, LEGO) agree with. I may admittedly not be fond of SWAT, but no one legitimately wants an army to suffer—especially an army with a legacy like SWAT.


Something I learned the hard way when leading UMA in 2020 was even if you may have a great community around you, you cannot be ignorant of genuine and pressing issues around you—whether it is size or controversy-related. As Mustapha said to us, you play to win the game.

Army leaders lead to succeed. That is what we do. But right now I don’t know what SWAT’s goal is under LEGO. As I mentioned in the second point there seems like an unclear future and isn’t helped by the clearly underhanded move you tried to pull this Beach Brawl.

We cannot underestimate what LEGO has done for SWAT. SWAT, for as bad as it has been, has still remained somewhat relevant. LEGO was also responsible for numerous SWAT rises. He may very well be SWAT’s best CPPS leader and an all-time SWAT leader. This post isn’t here to underscore that.

What has to be talked about, however, is his recent behavior and SWAT’s very concerning state. If you are too busy with IRL LEGO to look after SWAT regularly, then you are free to step aside. If your staff is too busy to run the army, you are free to have SWAT go into a temporary lockdown like WV did after depressing maxes last fall. It may be bad for your pride, but long-term success is more important than pride.

This is what I want to leave you with. You have made a serious mistake once again and actions will have consequences. I’d like to believe you can change LEGO and be given a second chance (and maybe you can) but we’ve been at this crossroads many, many times before. How many second chances can this community give you?

Because a message needs to be sent for ANY change to happen (especially after you manipulated one of our staff), WV will be reclassifying SWAT as an enemy army and thus will not be engaging in any activities (i.e. practice battles and others) with them. That does not mean we are at war—I feel like I need to clarify that. But we will not be enabling LEGO’s actions.

I call on other armies to also take a stance—whether it be publicly or a private and not drastic decision—against SWAT for the time being. It doesn’t need to be a permanent foreign relations decision (like us). It also doesn’t mean you must see SWAT as an enemy (we do as this is our and PIC’s struggle). What it does mean though is not giving SWAT any proper attention similar (but not exactly) to the community’s stance against DCP’s multilogging in 2016.

We must take a stance, absolutely, but for the stance of SWAT realizing its mistakes and changing for the better. We cannot continue to normalize behavior like this. Nothing will ever change should we continue to allow “second chances” in hopes of something changing when it feels like it’s all talk.

WV Acting First Minister

Is It Time David Finally Beat Goliath?


i refuse to bust out the pen tool and make a high-quality graphic for this post so ermmmmm krill yourself if you have a problem

This Saturday, we face the Rebel Penguin Federation in what could be the largest battle of this generation (outside war). We are in the Legends Cup semi-finals, and if we defeat the RPF we will advance to the finals round for the fourth time in our history (the most for an army that hasn’t won a Legends Cup tournament).

I won’t wax poetic in this post because I already did that last year. Instead, I want to stress the importance:

  • In 2015, we got screwed in the Legends Cup finals in one of the closest LC finals battles yet.
  • In 2016, we lost a very close battle against the RPF in March Madness.
  • Once again in 2016, we went on another Cinderella run in the Legends Cup finals. This run wasn’t as close as the year before but was still a shame.
  • In 2022, we were an underdog against the RPF in the AUSIA Arena tournament. We still lost but nabbed a room against all odds.

If you read what I’ve said above, you’ll see that we’ve struggled to ever get past the RPF. When does the bleeding end? That is the million-dollar question. We could stick our thumbs up our asses and waste another year. Or, we can finally right this wrong.

What I’m saying is it’s finally high time we defeat the RPF. In what can only be called a “David vs Goliath” battle, we will look to finally defeat the RPF. This isn’t just about advancing to the next round and winning it all, but finally stop bottling against the RPF.

Are we going to prove we can be in the major club by saying we won something against RPF or are we going to walk home? This is a call to arms to all Viking Veterans, old and new. This is a call to arms to all current soldiers, whether recruits, middle ranks, or staff.

RPF (Goliath) vs WV (David)

I hope to see you all at the battle Saturday. It’s finally time we win.

David vs. Goliath – WV vs. RPF in Legends Cup

The Show Must Go On

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings:

Had to redraft this intro so many times as I wasn’t sure which way would be best. I ultimately concluded just cutting to the chase is best.

Monday, I filed a request for honorable retirement with HCOV. It was greenlit on the condition that I had some successors in mind. The plan with this announcement was to announce that I’d be retiring on August 30th; that would’ve still been the plan had I not done some contemplating on Wednesday. I don’t think WV would be in good hands if I retired earlier than I wanted to. As such, I will not be retiring after all. But just because I am not retiring doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be some change.

First of all, I will be formally going on leave for the next 7 days to focus on regaining my motivation. I was going to this back in late June after AUSIA Arena but the thrill made me hold off (which in hindsight was a bad call). Secondly, I’d like to announce the following new Viking Commanders:

  • Jojo Teri: A very great battle tactician and recruitment workhorse, Jojo joined us during the miserable tail-end of last year and has stayed with us through thick and thin.
  • Claire: Having been with WV since 2020 and staff/HICOM since 2021, Claire has always proved to be a welcoming workhorse and heavily involved in promoting the community.

Now some will be asking: how will this leadership work? Until the USWV constitution is finished, me and Mabel will stay as the acting First and Second Ministers (respectively)—meaning we are the only ones who can act on WV’s behalf in foreign relations. Jojo and Claire though will be equals to us two in every other factor (including day-to-day affairs).

My role as a leader will be evolving. It is clear the army cannot survive long-term if I still struggle to find the time (along with Mabel juggling work). That’s why these promotions were done and will be permanent. My role in the army now will be more of a councilor figure. I’m going to be making sure all staff gets adjusted to Jojo and Claire (as well as trust them) and make sure they regularly do things I did that helped the army when we first revived.

I will eventually retire. My time, however, is not now. I just do not think it would be right for me to just abandon WV. I need to make sure the army is in secure hands. When I do eventually retire, I want it to be like this I had no importance to the army and thus it continues as is. It sounds masochistic, but I want the army to learn to move on from me properly. I have fought multiple times to ensure that HCOV didn’t micro-manage during my and Mabel’s leadership. Instead of being reactionary like mid-2021 Revan would’ve probably wanted, I see HCOV as a positive. However, I want the army to be self-sufficient.

In a staff meeting last week, the point was raised that this army is carried by me and Mabel. I disagree but I do acknowledge that if we two are not active, the impact outweighs the hard work of the other staff. I believe this will ensure the stability of WV is maintained. We cannot let this Blue Summer die in vain.

I’m not going to wax poetic anymore. We have a tournament (Legends Cup) to win. Let’s win this together as a team.

The Alabama Plan

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings and army community:

With the World War finally ending, the community has been left in a weird position. If you want my honest opinion, whilst whatever happened on the battlefield might’ve been advantageous to us at the moment (though it is irrelevant regardless), we were truly embarrassed diplomatically. Ultimately no one won this war.

My priority will always be putting Water Vikings first—and it will be. But on the other hand, the community cannot be left in a much-to-be-desired state right before the Legends Cup tournament. If the community is not healthy, it becomes even more boring and WV as a whole also suffers.

WV should not be self-fish; we got what we really wanted from the World War (making sure ACP cannot over-expand and finally put an end to the nearly 2-year-long PIC-WV drama which was trivial in my opinion). We need to use our rare position to help the community.

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Statement Regarding the ACP Battle

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin:

Today we were meant to battle the Army of Club Penguin in a much-anticipated practice battle. Unfortunately, for the third time now, this had to be canceled. Prior, both us and ACP were to blame for communication issues—the first being us assuming ACP would battle us on January 28th and again on February 4th.

We were heavily looking forward to this battle, but unfortunately, it did not go as planned. We had asked ACP if they wanted judges, and Calgo initially agreed before retracting his agreement and our two armies devolving into arguments. We eventually elected to just not battle ACP after the comments were exchanged.

For the record, we do not regret our frustrations with ACP for changing their minds all-of-a-sudden. Nothing has changed on that front. We are right to be frustrated (as was ACP). That said, I apologize to my army for the premature decision to not battle ACP. Instead of at least compromising and getting the necessary top-ten points/having a fun “rematch” that we wanted, I called ACP’s bluff and eventually became apparent I was not gonna be able to put together a replacement battle.

It is criminal that I made you all [our WV troops] feel hyped for a battle that both we and ACP should’ve communicated better on. It is unhealthy for all of you to prepare for a battle that would just fall apart. We should know better than to not flex our muscles when it is not necessary.

The hatred towards ACP is not necessary. We’ve been working so hard to heal relations after World War 8 and the IW drama in November 2022. I am frustrated like most of you on how this fell out but the calls for a retaliatory action are even more short-sighted than me not compromising for the battle. Your frustration should be directed towards me, as I failed to acknowledge the consequences.

To conclude this, I will enact a policy for this army effectively immediately: we will not be practicing battling ACP for the months of March and April. Whilst yes the disrespect demonstrated also by ACP’s leader was uncalled for (especially after he stated he did not want to even cooperate with us to straighten this out), it is more so grounded in the fact that I’d prefer this toxicity subside before we practice battling one another again. ACP will not be classified as an enemy, for what it is worth.

I’d like to remind all of my staff and high command that we have something big planned soon. We cannot distract ourselves with petty drama with ACP. We cannot distract ourselves with raids or some war. We cannot distract ourselves from our goal of being the best. I’m frankly done with us being pushed around like the sickman army we’ve been known by for years. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.

Authorized by,

Viking Commander

Subj: Ice Warriors

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings and the Army Community:

Today marked the start of a series of expose posts against the Ice Warriors army. The posts outed two leaders for pedophilia, along with mentioning other discriminative behavior. I won’t be linking the posts due to the sensitivity of the topics, but they are very concerning.

After a unanimous vote by the Water Vikings’ higher command, leadership, and advisory, the Water Vikings terminate its alliance with the Ice Warriors and now classifies them as an enemy.

The conduct by the two former leaders is horrendous, bordering Recon Federation‘s levels of grossness. Whilst both leaders have resigned, the fact that this has been going on for at least a year minimum, and yet no action was done is ridiculous. There is no way leadership did not receive complaints beforehand about this behavior.

We thank Ice Warriors for being a very close ally in months and years past, including under Kally and DrQueen. We will never forget those memories. However, the incumbent Ice Warriors regime is not the same one we chose to ally with. The Ice Warriors un-allied with us in 2020 after the inexcusable behavior of a former WV 2nd-in-Command’s doxxing behavior against former SWAT leadership; I think it is perfectly reasonable for us to un-ally for something possibly worse.

In regards to the enemy status, this does not imply we are now at war with the Ice Warriors. We have no plans to interact with the map or engage in petty warfare at the moment with March Madness on our minds. What it does mean however is we will not have any foreign relations with the Ice Warriors army, nor will we practice-battle them. They betrayed our trust, along with our other shared allies.

I don’t care if the motive behind the posts were “bad”. Even if they were, that doesn’t make genuine pedophilia and other bad things moot. What happened is not justifiable in the slightest. We have taken a strong stance against pedophilia historically and will continue to do so.

This behavior is never tolerated in the community. We will survive even without the Ice Warriors. I cannot say the same for them, as they need us more than we need them.

Authorized by,

Viking Commander

Viking Commander

High Council of Vikings de-facto Chair