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[US] Fangs For The Memories

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, October 26th, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, dressed up as vampires to spread the spooky charm on the island, given that it’s Halloween soon! Surprisingly, we didn’t suck at all, and might I say, that it was a fang-tastic event at the Iceberg! (please appreciate the puns :D) Thank you to all the Vampire Vikings who made it today, and shoutout to Dino for taking pictures! We have a Halloween meet-up with the army community, called the Monster Mash that is coming up this Sunday, for which we are going to train on Saturday! Make sure to check out the channels for the same, and react there if you can attend – Monster Mash Training & Monster Mash Battle

Max: 20

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[US] Legends Cup XII Is Ours!

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, October 12th, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, to train for the upcoming finals against the Templars this Saturday. We all gathered at the Iceberg where we practiced bombs and formations, focusing on our speed throughout. Thank you to everyone who joined us in training, and a shoutout to Claire, Paddy, and Dino for taking pictures today! Make sure to be there at the Legends Cup Finals, as we will need all of your help to win this tournament, and make history! React in the channel if you can attend on Saturday – Legends Cup XII Finals

Max: 25

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