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WV End-of-Summer Awards Results

Before reading this post, I recommend playing this song in the background.

Alright, now we have the vibe going, I present you the 2023 WV End of Summer Awards Results!
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As Thirst for Fun Week comes to an ends, we reflect on the memories we had that brought us closer. We celebrated the end of the week with a fun hide-and-seek event! Thank you to everyone who led tactics and VC lead!

Max: 25

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[AUSIA] Troop u-lead

Happy Saturday, Water Vikings! Mabel, Jojo, and Aaron got too lazy to lead, so they made troops lead today. They are better than them, and I advocate that these new leaders replace them IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, another successful AUSIA event from WV. Lets see some great tactics from today!

Max: 17

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[US] Cart Surfing Tournament

Hello Water Vikings! Happy Friday! The Water Vikings hosted a CPAB Cart Surfing tournament to continue our Thirst for Fun weekend. We did some tactics followed by the tournament itself. Check out below for our tactics and cart surfing tournament winners!

Max: 20

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Just a couple of hours before the practice battle with TCP, three armies declared war on ACP, creating the Blue Sunset Alliance (BSA). This led to ACP raiding our event to intimidate us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t proceed with our PB with TCP; however, with ACP’s attempt to raid us, it was nothing but light work to clap back and display our dominance. So Thanks for the free battle points. Lol, GG ACP.

Max: 40

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Water Vikings are going to the AUSIA Arena Finals! We can do some pretty amazing stuff when we work together. Time to bring home the trophy! Thank you to Aaronstone, Mabel, and Dino for leading today’s battle. Thank you to Mabel for VC leading today’s battle!

Max: 38

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Congratulations on the Water Vikings for an impressive victory against Dark Vikings in the Ausia Arena tournament! The Vikings Community and our veterans really pulled through today to show what we can do. We are not done yet as we have our AA Battle with SWAT next week, the ultimate test. Let’s win it, shall we? Thank you to Aaronstone, Mabel, and Dino for leading today, and Thank you to Mabel and Aaronstone for VC Leading.

Max: 36

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[US] Mine Training

Did someone say Mine Training? Indeed, because on the 12th of May 2023, The Water Vikings had their last training before entering their next Ausia Arena battle! All this practice to secure the dub! Thank you to Dino and Aaron for leading, and thank you to Aaronstone for VC Leading.

Max: 20


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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer┇04/23 – 04/29

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Looking back on a busy week of events, it’s clear that with the upcoming tournament: AUSIA Arena, we spend most of our training and training. Once we win, it will be highly worth the training. Let’s take a look back at the events hosted this week!

To start things off, Congratulations to Water Vikings for ranking back to fourth  We have been maintaining a steady placement as one of the top five armies of this community for the past couple of weeks. Let’s continue to maintain that trend!

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night, Water Vikings! On Today’s Training, the Water Vikings logged on to CPAB: Icebreaker – Iceberg to get some AUSIA training for the upcoming AUSIA ARENA Tournament! Thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you to Mabel for leading the event!
Max: 18

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