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The Beginning of the Owa Owa Alliance

HOT CHOCOLATE, Foreign Affairs – Hey everyone! I come bearing news, and trust me, it’s one spicy scoop!

On 8th June, 2021 the Water Vikings made an announcement that could change the course of the army! Under the leadership of Misty and Oreo, the Vikings formed an alliance with the Fire Warriors! Dubbed the Owa Owa Alliance, this steamy duo is sure to make hot waves in the army community! Thanks to Austin for this amazing graphic

The Spicy Warriors, led by AustinFraud, Cassie, Haley, and Simmonds2000, was created late August 2007 by Wwe09. In the early stages of the army, it would not have much influence; but battled some of the biggest armies of the era such as Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Club Penguin Clones, Dark Warriors, and more! Although Wwe09 was not very devoted to his creation, the army earned a name for itself and became one of the most successful small-medium armies of its era!

November 2007: The Fire Warriors emerge victorious against the Ice Warriors

After almost 13 years in the army community, Fire Warriors continue to prove they’re a force to be reckoned with! With over 1800 members in their Discord server, the army is quickly growing! Not only are we lucky to ally with them, but we also managed to get an interview with AustinFraud!

What led to the forging of an alliance with the Water Vikings?

FW and WV has good relations for the past couples months. We’ve randomly joked about the “Steam Alliance” in chat which somehow turned into the “OWA OWA Alliance”. The leadership thinks highly of WV and we also think WV is very cool. I’ve allied with WV in the past where the WV commanders would help the army I led a lot. I really do think WV will be our greatest allies in the future


How do you think this alliance will affect the future of your army?

Let’s wait and see, shall we?


Short and sweet. My next question is do you like Femboys?

No, I have my waifus for that. I’ll share an actual footage leaked of me getting attacked by my waifus to prove that I don’t like femboys.

What Austin doesn’t realize is his “waifus” are actually femboys. What a lovely ally I am to tell him that! Unfortunately we had to cut the interview short because he was so shocked with the news.

How do YOU feel about the OWA OWA Alliance? What do YOU think about Austin’s femboys? Comment below!


Viking Commander & OO CEO 


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