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[EU] Jedi Training

Today we logged on CPAB and trained in order to become the best Jedis and destroy the Siths that have corrupted the Penguin Republic. We managed to max 15 since order 66 was executed thus reducing the amount of Jedis. The chosen one who will restore the balance, Anakin was also there marking the event as a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended, Mabel for voice leading and Dino for taking event pics (and me for leading).

Max: 15

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Weekly Recap August 27th – September 2nd

This week was an eventful week, but first of all lets see Water Vikings’ rank in CPA’s Top 10 :

We have managed to remain within the top 5 and ranked 4th, 1 rank higher than last week. We had a total of 5 events with 2 of them being AUSIA and 3 EU division events. 1 event was a practice battle against PIC.
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Aqua Vikings

Hello Water Vikings! Today we logged on CPAB, Ice berg, wearing our normal uniform but with the Aqua color instead and completed a training on basic forms. Shoutout to the several new members that attended our event today and got promoted! Also thanks to Mabel for voice chat leading,to me (Jojo) for leading the event and to everyone who showed up and took event pictures.

The maximum size of WV in the event was 17

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dots arent real

Today we logged on CPAB, Ice breaker, Snow forts for our U-Lead event. Our event started with Lunita and Mei doing some tactics and Mabel VC leading. After a while, various staff and members started leading tactics. They got sabotaged by Dino’s hate for dots tho, as there was an unreasonable amount of hatred towards dots throughout the whole event. There was also an HCOM demotion during the event as well a declaration of war against WV. You can find the last one in the recent WV articles! Special thanks to everyone who took event pics.

Max : 21

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[US] Ponsuke Lives forever

Ponsuke Lives forever

On Friday we logged on CPAB Ice breaker to have a quick training on bombs and forms on the Iceberg and honour the iconic seal (Mabel’s favourite), Ponsuke. Special thanks to Mabel for leading the event and voice leading and to Pingo , Jojo , Mabel and Dino for the event pics.

Max 19

Below there are some more event pics :

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ʇuǝʌǝ ∀IS∩∀ ʎɐpɹnʇɐS

.scip tneve gnikat rof ahsiD dna etidorhpA , ogniP , oniD , kehC  dna scitcat eht gnidaer dna dael eciov ot gniyrt elihw snomed gninommus dna efil sih gniksir rof ogniP , gnidael no ahsiD dna ireT ojoJ ot sknahT .azalP eht no scitcat desrever emos did dna )sgnikiV retaW>spoort wodahS( spoorT wodahS emaceb ew yad s’loof lirpA no yadoT !tneve laiceps yrev siht dednetta taht enoyreve sknaht oslA

91 : xaM (Max : 19)

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[AUSIA] Sunday Training 26/3

Hello again Water Vikings! Today, on the 26th of March, we started this week with an AUSIA event. We logged into CPAB – Ice Breaker, despite facing some problems with infinite loading on CPAB in the beginning, we practiced several formations and tactics on The Plaza under Mabel’s leading.

The event went well in the end and we reached up to 20 penguins online! Thanks to everyone who attended and shoutout to Mabel, Chek, Aphrodite, and Trails for the event pics!

Max: 20

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