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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer || 08/07 – 08/13

Hey Vikings! Welcome back to another Frostbite Observer post. For this week we had a total of 5 events.

Here is our rank for Top Ten:

As well as… the promos of the week! Congratulations to the following:

I’m stopping the post once more to show some beautiful art one of our staff members, Holly, has drew for Ocean Oracle!

Now onto the post!

For this week, we had a mix of EU’s, AUSIA’s and US events. Scroll down below to read more!

[AUSIA] We A-dough Pizza!


Max: 12

To begin the week off we had a quick AUSIA event where we took over the Berg with Pizzas!

[US] Unsuccessfully Taking Out Buddy’s House Fire


Max: 29

The next day, we received a frantic call from Buddy about a house fire. Unfortunately for him we couldn’t get the fire out in time… however this event had out highest max!

[EU] The Day When Mr. Stone Got Roasted Bad


Max: 26

Aaron wanted a roast event… so 26 of us logged on to roast him!!! Love ya Aaron!

[EU] You Know We Love You, Kally!


Max: 20

For this event the Vikings and Warriors got together for a practice battle against our allies to say goodbye to their now beloved former leader Kally!

[US] The Cows Takeover The Berg


Max: 27

And to finally end the week off, we had a cow takeover… so many steaks.

Scrapbook time!

That’s all for the post this week! Make sure to enjoy the Sunday to yourself and we’ll see you all on Tuesday for our Ira (Irish?) Takeover!


Vice Commander & OO Head

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