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Templars, the CPA Magicians



Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings, fellow Water Vikings! This is your Consigliere Dino speaking. The Templars of Club Penguin today attempted to declare war on us. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t work out in favor. Read out to find out more!

In an attempt to bypass the “Treaty of the Axe and Sword” (the treaty ending the Helligland Campaign), Templars attempted to transfer all of their lands to the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation and declared war on us. Little did they realize did this not work as shown on the CPAHQ map.



We should not get too cocky, especially as this is a lot of lands to deal with now. However, it is a great thing to celebrate. The propaganda ministry would like to provide the following memes for you all to enjoy. Cheers!

Made by yours truly.


Made by John Doe, WV 2ic.

More shitposts will be added in due time. This post was rushed.

That being said, I’d like to congratulate you all on the victory of the war we’d like to dub the “War of No Battles”. Although we will not use this officially on this page nor still it be considered an actual medal, all WV members can enjoy this victory with this medal.

Templars can definitely do a good disappearing act. Perhaps they should rename their army to “Magicians of CP”. 😉

Light in Darkness!

Aaronstone, Viking Commander

Revan, Viking Commander

Mistymoonlake, Viking Commander


Dinorewrited, Viking Advisor

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