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Conclusion of the Helligland Campaign

Spike Seal of the Water Vikings.


Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings, fellow Water Vikings. I am happy to announce that the war with the Templars, billed as “the Helligland Campaign”, has concluded. In a war score of 7-6, both armies have agreed to a peace that has no official victor. Despite this, WV has done a fantastic job holding back the Templars army. Our AUSIA saw some incredible growth and success, such as on Wednesday‘s invasion of Constantinople.

This war has been a hell of a ride. I understand why most of you might feel disappointed that we weren’t able to secure a solid victory and white-peaced territorially. But, we should remember that we were able to have a lot of fun. Yes, the propaganda was superb but that wasn’t the sole reason that may it fun. We gave the Templars a run for their money.

To celebrate the success of the war, I present all attendees of the war the Helligland Campaign medal (made by yours truly). You all deserve this for your hard work in this war. It’s a very humble design for a medal. Without all of you chipping in (even if it was only for one battle), we would’ve been landslided with losses. You should all be proud in yourselves.

Medal of 'The Heligland Campaign'.

Our focus from this point onwards is the Christmas Chaos and to regain our momentum. Recruitment has been lackluster prior to the war, to say the least. The Water Vikings always prevail in the face of darkness. This December will be our crowning month of the year if we continue to turn things around. Nothing has prevented us from succeeding, especially in 2015 and 2016. It’s time to show the Help Force our might.

Light in Darkness!

Aaronstone, Viking Commander

Revan, Viking Commander

Mistymoonlake, Viking Commander

Fedd, Viking Commander

Dinorewrited, Viking Advisor

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