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From the Gates of Frostbite



Written in memorium of “As The Sun Descends…” by Stromae

Addressed to the USWV,

Greetings Water Vikings, I am Dino. Some of you might know me and some might completely not know me; that is completely irrelevant. All you need to know is that I advise the Water Vikings army. I felt like writing this post due to the recent defeat at today’s AUSIA invasion against the Templars army.

Although WV is certainly in a peculiar situation in the current state of the war, with the score being tied and no real gains, The WV has proven it cannot falter to any massive force. A classic example is the 2015 NDA attempt to obliterate the Water Vikings. This coalition consisted of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Doritos of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, and Dark Warriors.

I’d like to point out that this coalition was no joke; they were quiet threatening as the Doritos were tied at first with us, with the Ice Warriors and RPF close by. The Templars are a much larger threat too, as they recently held 1st place on the top ten. Templars are maxing as much as the NDA did in August 2015.



However, even the NDA could not deter us in 2015.

Badboy knew the Dark Warriors could not pull their weight as they were maxing sizes of 15-20, so they tried to crusade against us in rant posts. They failed to even fight valiantly. The ACP and RPF would later jump ship from this dumpster of an alliance, as Stromae correctly predicted:

Stromae: I believe this war will fizzle out into a political mess in the end, various armies have already pulled out of the alliance. I just simply ask the leader of the NDA if they trust the other leaders. ─ CPA Central

The Doritos would later crumble to us. Their history page purposely leaves out moments where we defeated them─and the answer is simple.

“They’re afraid of us.”

The parallels are as clear as the break of dawn. Although we might have declared the war and not vice-versa, Templars have encroached on our liberty and success for long enough. The NDA was frustrated at WV’s success in 2015 and almost won the legends cup that year (barely being beat out by the RPF). We crushed Templars in arguably what was the upset of the year.

As the Templars launch invasions on our core territories, the Templars remain stronger than ever.

As Xing─outraged by our war declaration─schedule invasions at abnormal times purposely done to mess with our EU division members, we prevail as the humble underdogs.

As the Templars try to slander us with lies and petition for our battle victories to be overturned, we prove to this community that we’re the bigger man.

The Water Vikings will continue to penetrate the Templars’ nation even if it means persisting into the Christmas Chaos this year. We refuse to let the Templars continue to be a menace to this community.

I will be closing this post with some memes for morale and propaganda purposes. Templars might find leisure in some of these memes as well.

We will continue to fight back against the Templaria nation for as long as possible. Give us your best.

─ The WV Propaganda Ministry ─

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