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♔Declaration of War on Templars♔

Declaration of War

Declaration approved by the Water Vikings Nation

Officially declaring that a state of war exists between the Templars and the people of the Water Vikings nation.

Dated 3rd March 2021.

Whereas the Templars leadership has committed repeated acts of war against the Water Vikings nation: Therefore be it that this matter be resolved by means of conflict between both nations as formally declared herewith.

The legendary Water Vikings Empire hereby declares war on Templars.

Citizens of the great Water Vikings Empire; there are, it may be, several months of fiery trial and sacrifice ahead of us. It is a somewhat foreign feeling to be leading such a peaceful and harmonic army into the cruel whips and scorns of blooded combat. This is not an easy decision, but the righteous duties owed to this divine legacy must be upheld — To protect the freedom and liberties of smaller nations. To protect our own people from the tedious undermining of our legitimacy. To protect the sovereignty of the valiant and good people of our own nation. We will not stand for bullying. To such an honourable task we can truly unite with uniform dedication against an enemy; incapable of being considered with an ounce of legitimacy against a backdrop of honourable and strong armies to have come before them. We will protect the good name of nations who have existed since the very start. Nations who have worked tirelessly to bring to life their dreams of democracy and freedom. Such new nations which seek to undermine such formations by declaring war on smaller nations are no more than rebels. They are no more than terrorists. The Water Viking empire has NEVER succumbed to terrorism. We will not stand idly by whilst our smaller nations are subjected to this style of behaviour. The time has come to fight for what we believe in. Stand tall, and stand as one. Stand against everything which is wrong in this community. Stand against fear and horror tactics. Stand against disrespect and fearful actions. For there is nothing these vile cretins fear more than the wide whip of the Viking wave.

Terms of War:

  • This is a head on war between the Templars and Water Vikings. Third party armies are prohibited from declaring war on WV until such time that this war may be deemed to be concluded; be it by treaty or submission.
  • Server transfers are hereby frozen. Neither army shall send or receive servers from third party armies until such time that this war may be deemed to be concluded; be it by treaty or submission.
  • No multilogging, doxxing, botting or ddosing of any sort.
  • No merging armies after this treaty; dated March 3rd 2021.
  • Any of the aforementioned dishonourable activities will result in an automatic defeat.
  • All battles must be judged by an official and neutral entity.
  • All invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and the army planning said invasions must notify the defending army’s leaders before this time.
  • Use of loopholes will result in an automatic defeat, subject to correct and just proceedings to determine what constitutes a ‘loophole’.


Viking Consigliere




Viking Commander


Viking Commander


Viking Commander


Viking Commander


Viking Commander


Viking Commander


Viking General


Viking General


Viking General


Viking General


Viking General

PS: For anyone who considers Templars a serious threat, this is Xing’s only skill:

2 Responses

  1. HOW DARE YOU DECLARE WAR ON MY CP ARMY, you sneaky no good water babies!

  2. We will win

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