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Rally Around the Flag: Why WV MUST Win This March Madness

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings:

My fellow compatriots of the Water Vikings. I am addressing you today about something significant. In 2 weeks, we will be facing off in the March Madness tournament—a significant tournament held within the Club Penguin Armies community annually from March to April. In this Stromaeic speech, I want to address to you all why this March Madness in particular must be won by us.

As some of you might remember, we lost in an infamous quarter-finals match last year against the Ice Warriors. Whilst that loss was horrible, I am not here today to wax poetic about the past. Wanna know why?

─ Water Vikings March Madness Results ─

2022 March Madness: Quarter-finals exit vs. Ice Warriors
2021 March Madness: Quarter-finals exit vs. Army of CP
2016 March Madness: Qualifiers exit vs. Rebel Penguin Federation
2015 March Madness: Semi-finals exit vs. Ice Warriors
2014 March Madness: Qualifers exit vs. Nachos
2013 March Madness: Qualifiers exit vs. Doritos

The worst part about this all is: 2022 wasn’t the only controversial March Madness loss by us. 2016’s decision came under fire as even CPAC admitted we out-maxed and at times outperformed RPF. That’s just ignoring 2021 and 2015 which also were problematic for the time. The fact is we lost in 2022 and lost all those other times.

We cannot keep crying about the past, no matter how bullshit the verdicts might’ve been. Truth is we have an opportunity here to not only right the wrong of last year but other MM exits by us too. We must move forwards, not rely on the past. We have something extremely special here. We’ve performed well as underdogs before and we can do it again.

This March Madness, I don’t wanna settle for some higher placement improvement. We cannot by any means settle for mediocrity. What I’m saying here today is MM champions or bust. We must be faster, be more creative yet cover competently, bigger, and recruit harder.

I don’t care for the Top Ten right now. I don’t care for wars or the map right now. Hell, I don’t really care that much about us maxing 13 on a bad day at a training event. What I care about (and what you all should care about) is winning MM. We must win; we just have to in order to prove this generation is not a bust and that WV is not a fraudulent army.


In the next 2 weeks, let’s work towards building this community and let’s beat ACP in the qualifiers. After we beat them, let’s take down whoever comes next. I don’t care if they are higher than us on the Top Ten right now or what. What I care about is the future.

Let’s win MM, WV!

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