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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer || 08/28 – 09/03

Hey Vikings! For this week of Frostbite Observer we’ll be going over our total of 5 events.

But before we start the post, let’s announce our Top Ten results:

We did an amazing job this week with the wars, winning all 5 invasions and defenses, rising up to 2nd this week! Good job vikings!

Now onto the post!

[EU] Welcome Home London!


Max: 28

Nothing much happened for this event, it was normally like any other event, but we did manage to seize London for ourselves!

[EU] Water Vikings Seize Toboggan from SWAT



Max: 30

The Water Vikings take another SWAT territory! But will this be the last time SWAT wussies out?

[US] Defense of Toboggan


Max: 51

After the last few invasions of SWAT not showing up, they finally decide to, trying to take back Toboggan, but the Vikings fight back like always!

[US] Invasion of Stone Cold


Max: 45

Another successful invasion of this week against SWAT. Despite dropping a bit of size, we still managed to scare off half of their army!

[EU] SWAT Skeptical About Weevees Taking Over Scoptic


Max: 35

Is it just me or did SWAT just get smaller even more throughout the images? But another successful invasion for us!

Since this seems to be the end of the post, why not share some scrapbook moments?

That’s it for this post. Thank you all for reading and thank you to everyone who helped contributed to our posts in anyway! : D


Vice Commander & OO Head

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