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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer || 07/24 – 07/30

Heyyy Vikings! Welcome to another Frostbite Observer post. We are officially nearing the end of July, and in comes August!

For this week, we had a total of 6 events. Continue reading to learn more about them!

But before we start… let’s congratulate those who have been promoted!

Now onto the post!

[AUSIA] Greek Power All The Way


Max: 17

To start the week off, we had our first AUSIA event, maxing a good size of 17 online!

[EU] Clowning Around: The Weevees’ Circus


Max: 22

Later on that day, we dressed up as Aaron and took over the stadium!

[AUSIA] Just Mining Our Own Businesses


Max: 18

After a two day break, we had our second and last AUSIA event of the week, maxing 18 online!

[EU] Marvel Meets Star Wars: A Weevee Universe


Max: 25

Later on that day Aaron forces us to dress up as heroes (and some villains).



Max: 28

The Vikings have finally taken off those smelly outfits and into the washer (except for a few…), maxing a total of 28 with their favorite colors combined!

[EU] The Weevees Train For Battle


Max: 21

And finally… to end the week off, we had a quick battle training, maxing 21 online!

And now… to finally end this post off with some screenshots for the scrapbook!

And that’s it for this post!!!

Until next time…


Vice Commander

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