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[Ocean Oracle] Frostbite Observer || 07/10 – 07/16

Frostbite, Ocean Oracle HQ ─ Welcome to the Frostbite Observer!

It’s already the middle of July! Did you know Frostbite Observer has been going on for almost 2 months now? It’s gone by fast!

In this post we’ll be focusing on the 5 events we had throughout the week! All from AUSIA’s to EU’s and even a US event!

But before we start the post, congratulations to the following who’ve been promoted:

Now onto the post!!!

[EU] Buddy Is A (Not So) Lovely Princess


Max: 28

We started off the week with a really successful EU event, where we made fun of Buddy for watching a Disney movie according to Aaron…

[AUSIA] IceQueen Is The Real Elsa, Period


Max: 16

Our first AUSIA event happened a little bit in the middle of the week.

[EU] Mabel’s SEAL Of Approval


Max: 23

Later on that day, I led my first event!! It was a very fun event for me at least.

[US] Practice Training


Max: 21

Near the end of the week, we later on had a US event… one of the first in a few months!

[EU] The Lag Be Bad For Real



Max: 20

To end the week off, we had one last EU event!

Now for some screenshots…

And that’s it for this week! Hope you all enjoyed the post!!

Fear The Wave


Vice Commander

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