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[EU] Mabel’s SEAL Of Approval

Hey there, WeeVees! Today, July 14th, we logged onto CPA Battlegrounds – Ice Breaker, for our very own Mabel’s first led event. I am sure we can all agree that she did a splendid job at leading, and deserves the SEAL of Approval, wholeheartedly! (insert Seal Emote here). We all gathered at the Iceberg before we went to the Cove, and finally, the Stadium, where we ended our event. It was a great event, and thank you to everyone who came today! Thank you to Claire, Paddy, Pog, Cotton, Dino, and Seo Stark for taking pictures of today’s event. Make sure to check out the practice battle that we have tomorrow with the Magma Clan Battle vs. Magma Clan.

Max: 24

Read on for pictures of today’s event:


Thank you once again to everyone who attended today, and to everyone who took pictures! We hope you all had fun training with us, and hope to see you at more of our events!

Fear the Wave!

Viking General

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