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Top Ten Troops [5/8/22-5/14/2022]

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Addressed to the USWV,

Frostbite, Ocean Oracle HQ ─ Greetings Water Vikings, and welcome to Top Ten Troops! It has been awhile since we last did one of these. When I dipped, the series never was continued. However, now that I am formally back, I’ve chosen to restart Top Ten Troops.

This week, while not great, has seen a sharp increase from Saturday a lot with the return of Guncotton as Viking Commander. If you’d like to view the previous top ten for reference, click HERE. There has definitely been a change-up since late January. Read below to see the top ten for this week!

─ Top Ten Troops of the Week ─

1. Paddy [] [17]
2. Chris [] [16]
3. John Doe [] [15.5]
4T. Sip [] [15]
4T. Raven [] [15]
6. Velia [] [14.5]
7T. Pingoboii [] [11]
7T. Paragon [] [9.5]
9. Gioele [] [9.5]
10. Pogchampo [] [8.5]

~ Close to the Top Ten ~

11. Aphrodite [] [7]
Chey [] [6]

For the calculations of the 17 troops, click HERE.

Paddy was our top troop this week with 17 points, leading in event attendance and quality while also coming close to the top spot for messages this week as well. While 17 is a notable decrease for the top spot, this week didn’t have many events unlike the previous top tens and recruitment has slowed down. It didn’t help that chat activity has been slowing down Hopefully next week there will be an increase, though!

In terms of chat activity, Pogchampo leads. Velia was also the only troop to recruit this week. Compared to the last top ten troops, John Doe has risen two spots. Will John reclaim his top spot next week? Sip and Chris also did notably well this week.

What do YOU think? How do you feel about John Doe‘s potential comeback? Do you think Paddy will retain his top spot? Is a dark horse incoming next week for the top spot like Darci aiming to reclaim their top spot? Let us know in our Discord server or website replies below. Fear the wave!

Dinorewrited, Viking Advisor

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