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[Ocean Oracle] February 2022 Igloo Catalog

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Vikings! This post is a very late one, so I apologize for that. I didn’t realize we had a February igloo catalog, so thank you Oreo for reminding me!

This catalog this month features tons of new secrets featuring igloo items for you and your furry Puffle friends that have just come back!

Let’s get into it!

Page one has 9 hidden items!

This includes Puffle Bubble Tube, Puffle Tube Tower, Short Puffle Tube, Long Window Tube, Giant Puffle Hub, T-joint Puffle Tube, Short Window Tube, Short Solid Tube, and Long Solid Tube!

Page two features 10 items!

This includes: Yellow Puffle Picture, Purple Puffle Picture, Pink Puffle Picture, Puffle Tire Swing, White Puffle Picture, Black Puffle Picture, Brown Puffle Picture, Red Puffle Picture, Blue Puffle Picture, and Green Puffle Picture

Page three features 8 items!

This includes: O’berry Bush, Puffle Table, Wild Puffle House, Stump Seat, Wilds Puffle Treehouse, Puffle Tire Swing, Stump Drawer, and Rustic Puffle Table

Finally, page four features 6 items!

This includes: Party Banner, Jungle Fern, Acacia Tree, Cheeky Lantern, Zebra, and Hippopotamus!

Not exactly Puffle-related, but some of you may enjoy these items!

There are also new igloos if you want to try something new out!

This concludes this month’s new additions! What do YOU think about these additions? Let us know in the comments section OR our Discord server!


Vice Commander & OO Head

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