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Hello, my beloved friends!

Today we logged on to Zipline on CPR to celebrate the one-and-only ME! We hung around the Docks while I tooted my own horn (and accordion, keytar, snare drum, and lighthouse). We then had a little Fashion Show, where the winner was Fudge for doing his rendition of Misty circa December 2020!

I felt so loved by every single one of you! I love you all so much! I’m still gonna be around so don’t hesitate to dm me whenever! Thank you to everyone single one of you who showed up :wvheart:

As I am stepping down from both, the leadership as well as the CEO of Ocean Oracle, I would like to take this moment to pass the torch to Mabel as the new CEO of OO! WOO!

Be there for Revan’s Retirement or I’ll eat your firstborn k byeeee

Max: 29

One last time…

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