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Addressed to the CPA Community,

Recently, the Templars in a post called “The Water Pariahs” tried claiming that the Water Vikings army multi-logged on November 1st, 2021, and November 27th, 2021. Below is an excerpt from their post:

The above screenshot shows WV Higher Command asking whether or not they should log on their alternate account “too”.’
This once more shows WV Higher Command member Darci logging on a “second alt” without condemnation from Water Vikings Commander Revan.
This screenshot proves the presence of the Water Vikings at the Forest on the day in question, taken from https://wvofcp.com/2021/11/27/eu-defence-of-aarons-bastion-again/
The screenshots from Water Viking HICOM chats above describe logging on alternate accounts as well as their regular ones. These screenshots are from only yesterday, during battles with our glorious army, and has occurred without condemnation from WV leaders.

Though from early November, this screenshot of Mabel and Pandor discussing logging on an “alt” displays the interpretation of alternate accounts as multilogs, as WV HICOM Pandor adamantly opposes Mabel using another account to log onto Club Penguin Rewritten.

I’d like to answer these concerns, as these are taken out of context and twisted to drive a narrative.

November 1st, 2021

These are two pictures from November 1st, 2021. What the leaker tried to do is make it look like Mabel was asking Revan to multilog that one event, and looks like Mabel asked twice. When in reality, it was Mabel asking if she could invite a plant into PIC for intelligence purposes. If that is cancellable, then I find it funny you protect TCP as they continue to “leak” from the Water Vikings’ staff discord.

Now I open this question to the CPA community: Are you idling going to endorse the troop-stealing attempt from Otter/Ivy during this war? I certainly would not like this. The only reason why we didn’t mention this previously is simple─it is trivial and we wanted the war. Bringing up allegations during that World War is foolish, really. As Aaron said in “oh the lulz“:

So yeah thats it pretty much I don’t really have much else to say other than lol, this all couldve been easily obtained information if you actually took the time to look, also I gotta say can we stop with posts and fight the war? This is why CPA is in such an absolutely horrible state right now, being divided doesn’t help but the amount of toxicity is why this community is in such a frail state.

November 27th, 2021

As for yesterday’s event, we tried to claim that Darci─a WV 2nd in Command─was multi logging the event because they mentioned the word ‘alt’. Yet, let’s turn the tables, shall we?

Darci was asking to get an alt ready for recruitment. Also, it was an hour apart from the event ping. Really? This is your evidence? Honestly, the Misty allegations held more weight because Help Force actually tried to claim that Misty had specified accounts online (although they were false as well, which lol).

Closing Statement

I love the fact that Sidie9 liked this post. She was accused back in August of multilogging. I won’t go into depth on whether or not Sidie did as that is irrelevant (plus Sidie is admittedly respectable unlike Xing), but I don’t see why you have any ground to subscribe to slanderous allegations. For someone who is in the same boat as us, you really hate us.

And to the leaker: Why did the leaker just nitpick screenshots? If they bring up more, it just shows they are desperate for attempting to cancel Water Vikings. If you have more “evidence”, why didn’t you add it to your current post. It’s clear a slander campaign is gonna on against the Water Vikings army. This community should be doing better.

And I ask the community this as well: If Water Vikings were multi-logging, why are we still hovering at the same max as before? 2015 CPA was similar to right now and multi logging armies did much better than sizes of 20-25. It’s silly to just multi-log only 3 accounts for little benefit.

Templars didn’t provide proof of Darci or Mabel actually multi logging, just them “suggesting” (which was disproved recently). We just wanted a fun war. Instead, Templars resort to lying. Also, TCP, maybe you wanna explain how their max increased during yesterday’s events unlike the previous battles of the war? 😉

Do better, Templars.

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