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Hello Vikings,

Unfortunately our time of peace has come to a quick end. After a month and a half long conflict with the Vengeance Alliance I am once again calling all Vikings to show up in support of yet another war effort. This time we will face off against our greatest rival, the Templars. Why Templars again? Well I’ll answer that, because we have to. It’s a known fact that Xing and the rest of Templars have no plans to fight any other army that maxes close to them, because they know they can’t win. You can go back the past couple weeks when Templars had practice battles against BIA and got 3-0d by IW and RPF. Then this past weekend they lost to HF. The only way Templars can maintain relevancy is to war. Unfortunately rather than throw all his cards on the table Xing continues to bully smaller armies. I’m not only doing this for Water Vikings, but the rest of the armies on CPAHQs map. Xing is coming for all of us, it’s only a matter of time. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. So with that I would like to take this time to call upon all armies on CPAHQs map to unite with us and help us defeat Templars, because like I stated it’s only a matter of time before Xing and Templars come for you. With that being said,

The Water Vikings officially declare war on the Templars.


  1. Allies and Dual Enlists are allowed
  2. No external army can interfere
  3. No server transfers (neither army shall send nor receive servers from any other army either allied, neutral, or enemies) after this declaration until the war is finished or a treaty is reached.
  4. No multilogging, doxxing, or ddosing of any sort.
  5. Any evidence of suggested multilogging, botting or armies merged after this declaration will result in an instant defeat of the aggressor in the battles where said evidence would be found.
  6. All battles must be judged by CPAHQ officiated judges.
  7. All invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and the army planning said invasions must notify the defending army’s leaders before this time.
  8. No army can merge into WV nor Templars after this declaration (until this war is over) and the merger will be deemed invalid. If members of said merged army decide to participate, the battle will result in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor.
  9. The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning side.
  10. No running from this war.

This marks the official start of The Helligland Campaign


Aaronstone Viking Commander/Legend

Revan Viking Commander/Legend

Mistymoonlake Viking Commander/Greatest Leader

Fedd76 Viking Commander (occasionally)/Greatest Leader

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