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Hi Vikings, Today on April 12th, we logged onto Club Penguin Army BattleGround for our U Lead where we let our troops and staff choose their own tactics and formations. Thank you to Mabel for VC Lead and all our troops who led the events very well.

Max: 25

Below are some event pictures taken by Dino, Nate, Mabel, and Aphrodite.

That’s it folks, thank you so much for attending our u lead event. We hope to see you at our next events, which will be posted soon so make sure to stay tuned for that.

Viking General

[EU] Wednesday Town training

Hey there Vikings, Today on March 29th we logged onto Club Penguin Army BattleGround , for our Town Training. Thank you to Mabel and Jojo for leading this event and a huge thank you to our vc leaders, WaffleDog<3 and Mabel.

Max: 22

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[US] Practice battle vs Templars

Hi, Water Vikings! On March 23rd, we logged on to Club Penguin Army BattleGround to compete in a practice battle with the Templars. The battle ended with a tie for both armies. Thank you to Jojo, Mabel, and Dino for leading this event, and a big shoutout to our VC leaders Chek, Luna, and Mabel.

Max: 23

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