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[AUSIA] Battle With Fire Warriors

Hola Vikingos!
Today on May 22 2021, We logged on to Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten! We went to the  Stadium, Cove and Snow Forts for a steamy Practice Battle against the Fire Warriors! We had a good amount of penguins online and clean forms, awesome tactics! We did well today, and we are proud of you all for your efforts! Huge thanks to everyone who attended the event!

Make sure to attend the Asteroid Takeover later today!

Max: 23
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[EU] Division Battle VS AOS

Hi Vikings!

Today, on 7th May, 2021, we logged on to Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for a battle with our Divisions Atlantic and Pacific in the rooms Docks, Ski Lodge and the Lighthouse! The battle with the Divisions VS Army of Orient Seas was going good for Pacific! They had a max of over 10+ Penguins Online and They had great tactics and forms and were doing well for all rooms that the battles were in! Unfortunately for AOS and Atlantic, Pacific had took over all the rooms. All sides had done a great job though. Thank you to everyone who attended! And thank you to our beloved allies for giving us the opportunity to battle with them! Also, give it up for our rockin judges!

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[EU] Spring Showdown Battle

Today April 24, 2021, we logged on to Server Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for the Spring Showdown Battle! We battled the Ice Warriors, Help Force and Army of Club Penguin in the Stadium, Cove and Inside the Dojo! We fought hard and did well, having great word tactics and emotes. Thank you to everyone and thanks to the Army of Club Penguin for hosting! Thanks to all the troops who attended the battle and great job! Make sure to wish our HCOM-In-Training, Claire, a Happy Birthday!

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[EU] Practice Battle VS Help Force

Hey Vikings!

Today, April 15 2021, we logged on to Crystal on Club Penguin Rewritten and had a battle against Help Force.
We battled in the rooms Underground Pool, Inside the Lighthouse and Inside the Gift Shop!
The battle was close and we maxed decent numbers with good tactics and emotes.
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