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[Legends Cup XIV] First Battle Against PIC ¦ 30/06/2024

Legends Cup XIV

Designed by Master DS from CPA


Hello Water Vikings and Club Penguin community! On 30th July 2024, we logged on to CPA Battleground and went to Klondike – Iceberg to try to win the Legends Cup XIV.

[Max. 25+]


Login room warm-up

Login room warm-up left arrow

For the first round we fight against our allied army People’s Imperial Confederation with Maya, Rye and Clair as vc-leader.


Room 1 - Underline V inside mines

Room 2 - Circle plus

Room 3 - CPA jokes


We won this hard battle and we advanced to Semifinals against Rebel Penguins Federation (again an allied army, maybe CPA hate use to be too good xD).

Legends Cup XIV Schedule

Designed by Master DS from CPA


Thank you to all Water Vikings for attending and the beloved staff for the hard work. Without all of you this wouldn’t have been possible. The next step for WV is win Semifinals. LET’S GOO!!!



Viking Lord

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