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WV End-of-Summer Awards Results

Before reading this post, I recommend playing this song in the background.

Alright, now we have the vibe going, I present you the 2023 WV End of Summer Awards Results!

This summer has certainly been crazy for WV—a summer worth of ups and downs, tears and sweat, a summer to remember. The summer awards are not just about trophies but a way to unite our community and celebrate our achievements and the perseverance that carried us through the highs and lows. Let us congratulate the winners and all our Leaders, HCOM, Staff, SIT, Troops, Members, Advisors, veterans, and everyone else who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes. We have made this summer unforgettable together and will continue dominating the community.

The Awards Results:

Best WV Leader

Dino and Mabel



Best WV Staff


Best WV Advisor


Best WV Artist/Designer


Best Allied Army

Rebel Penguin Federation

Best Allied Leader


Best Accomplishment of the Summer

Winning all of the battles of World War 9

Biggest Rival

Army of Club Penguin

Most Likely to Come Back from Retirement


Most Funniest


Most Fattest Viking


Most Likely to Have a Frank Fleming Meltdown

Aaronstone & Pjayo

Most Likely to Get Snakebanned


Most Likely to Snakeban Others


Most Likely to Get Sent to Bret’s Dungeon


Most Likely to Be Recruiting Whilst Asleep


Best Fail This Summer

Pingo getting fired from the staff team

If you are interested in who placed 2nd/3rd in these categories, please DM DrQueen. Otherwise, Congrats to everyone who won!

Fear the Wave


Water Vikings Advisory 


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