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Weekly Recap August 27th – September 2nd

This week was an eventful week, but first of all lets see Water Vikings’ rank in CPA’s Top 10 :

We have managed to remain within the top 5 and ranked 4th, 1 rank higher than last week. We had a total of 5 events with 2 of them being AUSIA and 3 EU division events. 1 event was a practice battle against PIC.

Sunday AUSIA training

Our first event was an AUSIA training on Sunday where we practiced in the Cove and even had a new troop attending! We reached up to 14 penguins online.

Tuesday EU speed training

We continued the week with an EU division speed training on Tuesday where we performed various tactics and formations quickly in 6 different rooms getting ready for the practice battle against PIC! 24 penguins came to attend this event.

Wednesday practice battle vs PIC

Our next event was on Wednesday, the practice battle against PIC we exchanged fun and skillful tactics with them, while 16 viking penguins were logged on.

Friday Shoveling event

As we didnt reach that many penguins on Wednesday, Dino forced us to shovel the Iceberg on Friday in an attempt to sink it but seems like the only way to sink the iceberg is through our tsunamis. In the shoveling event while having Mabel’s cat Apollo voice leading we managed to dig the iceberg and reach 21 penguins online! We also had a movienight after the event, organised by Chey where she streamed the movie 50 First Dates. 

Saturday AUSIA – Aqua Vikings

Our last event for the week was the AUSIA event, Aqua Vikings. We pulled a Michael Jackson and changed our color to Aqua instead of our normal blue in an event that reached up to 17 penguins online. We also trained several new members who played CPAB for the first time!

(Aurora was fired for doing the wrong tactics)


Apart from the events we also had multiple promotions this week with JevTheJester, Xqwn0, Sisamon, DiamondMC all getting promos and X2 getting a double promo! Also Bobadilla got multiple promotions due to them recruiting many troops! In addition to that, JevThejester was Viking of the Week, Cuddly Staff of the Week and Chey Recruiter of the Week. Also Mei won the Recruiter’s Ribbon after recruiting 30+ troops each week for 3 consecutive weeks!

Hopefully next week will be as eventful, or even more, as this one.

Fear the wave

Jojo Teri
Viking Commander

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