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「IMPORTANT」 Declaration of War on the ACP

Revealed for the first time: War flag of the United Servers of the Water Vikings.

For immediate release, addressed to the Water Vikings:

As of June 1st, 2023, the Water Vikings of Club Penguin declares a state of war against the Army of Club Penguin. This comes after the perceived intimidation of the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin—a new but staunch ally of the Water Vikings nation—by the larger Army of Club Penguin. For too long we have witnessed the inconsiderate imperialism and ignorance of the Calgocubs administration.

Before I dive any further into the declaration, I must make the record clear that is not a struggle against the Army of Club Penguin as an army or what it stands for, but rather what its acting main leader—Calgocubs—stands for. His ACP strikes me as something similar to Xing‘s Templars, although even I had respect for some of Xing’s actions. Calgo just wants conquest for his own ego.

This was a tough decision, especially after our recent attempts to amend relations with ACP over the past 7 months. I don’t think they were in vain. I also do not see this as the start of a hatred for the ACP. But, Calgocubs’ leadership has been a detriment to the Water Vikings’ prosperity and security.

The Water Vikings’ principles have always been having our army be prideful of ourselves and not let anyone else push us around, but it is also sticking up for the smaller folk who face uncalled threats. We came to the defense of the Silver Empire in World War 8 and later challenged Templars in the Helligland Campaign in response to their antagonization of SE.

The same could be said about PICCP in 2020 against the Templars. The Elite Guardians was a similar figure in CPRA. Many armies in CPRA tried to push around the smaller folk but the Elite Guardians stood up for them. EGCP did what was right for its NVA/RDA allies, even when it didn’t need to.

So now, I feel the need to continue not only what we have done in the past, but also do what the army we are answering the call to arms did. I for one agree with Calgo that warfare can be beneficial for the community. So, if you seek to emulate the dominances of past dynasties, I invite you to take on us all.

  1. Neither EGCP, WV, RPF, or ACP following this declaration can transfer any servers until the conclusion of the war. The only exception to this rule is if an army forfeits the war and transfers all of their servers to the opposing side (e.g. if ACP transfers all of their servers to EGCP/WV/RPF. Refer to rule 9).
  2. Allies are allowed to attend each battles, but on the condition they are involved in the war. The only armies involved are EGCP, WV, RPF, and ACP. This means any other allied help (e.g. A WOK enlisted troop helping WV or a NC enlisted troop helping ACP) is to be subject to rule 4 as outside involvement (refer to rule 4 as well for the consequence of outside involvement).
  3. No troops that dual-enlist in EGCP, WV, RPF, or ACP after this war’s declaration are allowed to attend. This does not affect dual-enlistments prior to the declaration. Any dual-enlistment attendance post-declaration is to be subject to rule 4 outside involvement (refer to rule 4 as well for the consequence of outside involvement).
  4. Outside involvement of other armies is not allowed in this war. This means visitors and veterans currently enlisted in other armies may not attend for either side. Any outside involvement found in a battle will lead to the battle’s forfeit. This does not affect the course of the whole war.
    1. This also means no other armies can war EGCP, WV, RPF, or ACP during the course of the war; otherwise, it will be invalidated and not recognized by Club Penguin Armies.
  5. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with the Club Penguin Armies league. Failure to do so will result in the invalidation of the scheduling.
  6. No doxxing, ddosing, botting, multilogging, pizza-bombings, or swattings are allowed in any shape or form. Violation of this term upon Club Penguin Armies administration review will constitute a forfeit of the war. War may not be pretty but gamesmanship like that is not welcomed.
  7. No army is allowed to merge into ACP or EGCP/WV/RPF following this declaration and will stay in place until the war has concluded. Any merger will be deemed invalid.
  8. The losing side in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning force unless there is no clear winner (by agreement of all parties).
  9. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form (e.g. withdrawing from the server map, withdrawing from the Club Penguin Armies league, locking-down/closing, etc.) will constitute a forfeit of the war.
  10. Any attempt to exploit loopholes upon review of the Club Penguin Armies administration will constitute a forfeit of the war.
  11. Any evidence of any of these war terms being breached will result in an instant defeat of the opposing side in this war. This cannot be invoked unilaterally, however, and is up to the CPA league administration.
  12. All battles must be judged by CPAJ’s officiated judges. Judge-in-trainings are permitted to spectate in accordance to CPAJ’s policies. No judges can be from EGCP, WV, RPF, or ACP.
  13. Any other map rules imposed by Club Penguin Armies will apply to this war.

I wish you the best of luck in this war. I also look forward to seeing you honor these terms and also not pull anything petty to try and conclude the war. I know you speak a lot about original warfare, Calgo. Let’s be gentlemen then: if anything comes up, let’s actually communicate instead of hiding behind deceit and rage posts.

To help with the war effort, I and Mabel are promoting all of our leader-in-trainings to Viking Commander. Please welcome Claire, Jojo Teri, Mogi4, and Crazyflame as the 45th, 46th, 47th, and 48th leaders (respectively) of the CPPS Water Vikings era. These promotions are temporary as all four will return to leader-in-training after the war, but all four have proved enough order to take on the responsibility of event leading.

They will not be equals to me and Mabel in foreign policy, but will be equals in battle leadership (and to me, that is still a co-leader in my eyes). This is your chance to grow as leaders and maybe one day become permanent leaders of the army. I have faith in you judging from your past minor leading experiences (Claire, Jojo, Mogi, and Crazy). I know you will not disappoint. We’ll be here to guide you along the way as well.

And before I conclude this declaration, I feel the need to apologize to our Help Force allies for what transpired. I do not hold you accountable for your association with the ACP, and you are in the right to feel distraught. And, I feel guilty for leaving you in the shadows after our previous plan with EGCP involving another army (which was a genuine plan).

There is no winning. Had SWAT not thrown everyone off, I’m sure our plan for that one army would still be on. I still think it is (just on hiatus until after this mess is over). But perhaps this is for the best. If anything, when this undeniably sluggish war concludes, you can be the army to build the bridge towards peace and mediate. Even the best armies don’t need to execute their hard power; their soft power is as important. This has nothing to do with you, and as aforementioned is nothing against ACP as an army.

I look forward to this war. The community needs some competition, anyways. These types of conflicts are where leaders are made; where precedent is set. Let’s win this BSA.

Authorized by,

Viking Commander & Acting First Minister

Viking Commander & Acting Second Minister

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