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GG too ez

Hello Water Vikings and the rest of the community.

(play da song it makes it better)

I had already written one of these back in July however I feel its too long so I should just start from scratch again. In the July one I detailed my army career however none of you were around for it, well very little of it were so to me there is no point in doing soon though I will sum it up briefly. Well I say I will briefly sum it up, but I know once I start going I wont be able to stop, so lets give it a shot anyway.  I started my career in December of 2009 in the Ice Warriors who was led by none other than Iceyfeet1234, I had left there due to bullying to join the Doritos of CP where I stayed for over two years.


Me on February 21st 2010

I have met so many great people through out my tenure there, guys like Mustapha, Bam, 32op, Alfrondo, Brandon to name a few. Ultimately I failed in my first leadership there despite being Leader in Training for almost 2 years.

After that I joined UMA for 2nd in Command and after participating in a coup against the leaders there I got leader and UMA did really well for the few months I was leader, of course I had help from others such as Coolster and Reddbudd but I still remain proud of what we did there.

My UMA Generation 2013

After I got couped there like every other leader in the history of UMA I joined Water Vikings in the summer of 2013 where I quickly shot up the ranks and made it to leader, where I led alongside Bepboy9 who I believe is the greatest leader the Vikings ever had. I also had the pleasure of leading with Kingfunks, Dashing Snow and Tylund. That summer became known as arguably the most celebrated generation in WV, The Blue Summer of 2013.

Blue Summer 2013

After that stint I did SM Armies, most notably with Revan and Buddy. Where we led Air Force together. Revan at this time was in his SM phase and let me tell you Revan was a force to be reckoned with in the SM Community in OG. He ran that part of armies for YEARS.

Just to clarify, Revan went by Tot back then

After that things kind of died down a bit for me from what I can remember, Im sure I did some odds and ends type things for a while but CPA just did not interest me, that is until Summer 2015 came around and I returned to lead Pretzels with Buddy Starz and Braveboy. That was by far the best Pretzels generation of all time, we maxed 50+ numerous times that summer.



pictures of me and Buddy destroying AR multiple times

I eventually had a falling out with Brave over how Pretzels should’ve continued during the end of the summer which is a story for another time. I went to BMA to finish off my summer where we did really good there as well.

BMA Summer 2015

After that I left armies and the community entirely, only to return in late 2020 because I saw Buddy had made a post on this very website and I wanted to tease him about Montreal’s loss in the Stanley Cup Final lol. Around this time I had also found out that UMA was returning under the leadership of Dino Zamb and SavageCobra. So I decided to stick around and try my best to help out where I could. UMA eventually shut down and turned into Underground Mafias gaming which is what I did from January to about June of 2021. I had alot of fun doing it. Met some really cool people such as Lydia Izuno Villa and Leo to name a few. I also took part in the Doritos Gaming faction minecraft server, creating the faction Bams Boys. We dominated that server, definitely one of the highlights of my time back here.

Sometime around early July I was dmed by Jack283, asking me to join a WV server for their upcoming revival or reopening whatever you might call it. Originally I was going to be 2ic for a little bit then leave but the people who were going to lead ended up flopping and then I moved into a leadership position. Little did I know I would spend the next year and 1 month of my life doing this consecutively. Im glad I did though, I met some really incredible people along the way there. Alongside Revan, Fedd and Shinde we reopened in July 2021 with a max of 37

Return event July 2021

At the end of August we found ourselves embroiled in a conflict with Templars, who would become our greatest rival throughout the rest of the year.

We came out victorious in that war, after TCP claimed victory on a 2-2 war score and no showing the final battle. We would again face them a month later during the Champions Cup final, again emerging victorious.

Later on we had that World War with the Help Force and their alliance, where we formed the Western Bloc with SWAT and Silver Empire to combat them. That alliance one was of my highlights during my leadership tenure.

Immediately following that we faced off against Templars again in another war, which resulted in our strong AUSIA Division forcing them into a treaty.

Christmas Chaos came and went, which takes us to March and the now infamous March Madness battle vs the Ice Warriors, where we pushed one of the best armies in the community all the way to overtime.

This was my favorite battle of my leadership, 2 hard working armies bringing out the best of each other in an incredible fashion. Truly one of the best battles I have ever been apart of.

Shortly after that we fell into a bit of a crisis, sizes were dropping, morale was low. We had a bit of a schism and looking back I regret some of the actions that were taken during it but hey we move on from it. Guncotton rejoined the leadership and with his mentality we turned ourselves around and had an amazing summer together.

We did it again later on in the summer too

In August we did really good as well. Multiple 2nd place finishes yet again. We ended up going to war with SWAT with Help Force, Ice Warriors and Templars as our allies. Something that if you told me about this time last year I would’ve called you crazy.


After that we begun our run for the Legends Cup Championship. We put in so much hard work over the course of the summer that failure to get to the finals and win the whole damn thing was not an option any of us thought about. Finishing 2nd place AGAIN the week before the bracket seeds were announced put us immediately in the Semi Finals vs the ACP. Which you again dominated here scoring a 2-0-1 victory.

Which leads us to the Legends Cup Finals. Our goal of this summer was finally in reach, ultimately we came up short here. Templars were just the bigger army here and they fought a good battle and got a well deserved win here. Here we got our highest max of this generation since March of 2021 coming in with 51 people.


Just an outstanding effort from all of you, without you none of it would’ve been possible. That is also the point of this summary as well, without you we would not have been able to do any of this. I am truly honored and humbled to have worked with all of you over the course of the past year and 3 months. We accomplished so much together, you should all be very proud of yourselves. We were always the underdog in one way or another and every time our backs were against the wall, we weathered the storm and fought back. We proved ourselves to so many people, that the Water Vikings when need be are a force to be reckoned with. I am so sorry that we fell short of our goal in the Finals and that falls on my shoulders and mine alone because I led the battle. I was shocked that we even won Room 3 there.

Ill end off here before I give my list of thankyou’s to individuals etc, but first and foremost my first thank you goes to you. My troops, the people who have been here the longest. I am nothing without all of you, merely just a person. Thank you for believing me, staying confident in me when at some points your faith in me was all that we had. All of this was possible because of you. All the victories, the big moments. I never felt a bond with my troops in my entire career like the bond I had with you guys. We did amazing things together, we won, we conquered. We were sad together, been there for each other in dire moments. You guys are amazing people and I know each and everyone of you will accomplish not only big things in this community, but in life too. This isn’t goodbye by the way, I’ll still be kicking around the discord and talking to you guys. My DMs are always open for all of you, that’s the least I can do after all you’ve done for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Thank Yous

(note: I am god awful at these)

Water Vikings:

Kingfunks: Thank you for giving me the chance to lead here one more time. Words cant describe how much I appreciate the faith you had in me over the course of my leadership. It was awesome to come back and see you again.

Buddy: I could go on and on about you my brother. It truly was a treat to lead with you one more time. I love you man.

Adden: One of the OG boys, it was awesome to lead with you again my friend, thanks for being a great co leader and an awesome friend.

Pjayo: You are something else man but you never fail to make me laugh. I appreciate all youve done for WV. Thank you for coming back when I needed help and thanks for being an amazing friend

Change: We never really did much together this generation, however it was really nice to see you around my friend you also never fail to make me laugh.

Revan: You are probably shocked to see yourself up here. Im sorry about how things played out between us, hopefully one day when times passed we can move forward and leave it in the past. I hope things go well with you brother.

Misty: I am sure you are also shocked to see yourself up here, you also most likely dont care either, like Revan I am sorry about how things played out. Whatever you’re doing now I hope its going well.

Shinde: I credit you for teaching me how to lead in the CPPS era, you taught me so much in the short time you were leader. How to be fast with tactics, how many word tactics you need for a battle, when to use them etc. Thank you kielbasa lady, we dont talk as much anymore, but I hope all is well with you.

Guncotton: Truly one of the underrated WV Leaders of all time. Your dedication and drive to do good inspired me to keep doing this for the rest of the summer, thank you man.

Pydro: Thank you for being a good co-leader, you are extremely dedicated and WV wouldnt be the same without you.

Mabel: MABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ANGRY: just joking, I truly believe that you have what it takes to continue leading this great army. I know youll do amazing as leader. Good luck and I am always a dm away if you need anything.

Velia: One of my best HCOM, you have amazing potential. You are an outstanding person, I hope you do well in whatever you do next.

Pog: POGGYBALLS I am so happy you finally rejoined WV after months of trying to get you to join. You were one of my best HCOM members man thank you for everything.

Disha: DISHES Thank you for coming over to WV after SE closed, you are one of the best writers out there and if you turn it into a career I am sure you will be amazing at it! Keep up the great work!!

Claire: CLAIRE you are amazing, thank you for being a welcoming machine. Seriously you have amazing dedication. Thanks for being someone I could rely on.

Paddy: MO CHARA Im glad you accepted my WV offer while you were piss drunk, because now you’re stuck in HCOM ahahaha. Keep up the great work man youll be a great leader one day.

John Doe: John my man you have it, you have all the keys to success and Im sure one day when your names called to lead youll do amazing.

Sip: EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG EGG. Youre great man, you have the drive and I have no doubt itll all fall into place for you some day. Keep up the great work.

Pingo: You are a hype machine, keep putting in that work man youll be HCOM in no time. Thanks for making me laugh

Chris: You never fail to make me laugh with your videos you always post in main chat, or how your computer is about to explode for having 5 tabs open in Google Chrome (NOT ON CPAB). Keep it up my man youre amazing.

Oreo: You aren’t WV anymore, but I just wanted to take a second and apologize to you because I feel like leading with me stressed you out. During that time period I was very stressed out myself, I was working everyday of the week 10-7pm and we could only do 8pm events in my mind, I never really gave you a chance. For that I am sorry and I hope you prove me wrong when you get Templars Leader one day. I’m sure you’ll do amazing.

Leobaba: from UMA to Bams Boys on DCPs minecraft server to WV you have been with me through alot here and I appreciate everything you do as an advisor and as a friend. You are extremely dedicated I wish you the best.

Im sorry if you were snubbed, Im just doing this based off memory, but just know even if you arent included up here I truly appreciate every single one of you. You are all great people and I love you so much.

Ice Warriors: 

DrQueen: The past 7 months of my life have been incredible because of you, thank you for everything you do for me and my army. Thank you for keeping me up and going when I wanted to give up. I appreciate everything you do. I love you.

Kally: man do I fucking hate IKEA. Thank you for being an incredible friend and an incredible ally. Hope you are enjoying that dream job.

IceQueen: BRITS OUT. Nah but seriously you are an amazing person and a great leader. Thank you for being my friend and being a friend to WV

Iceyfeet: BIG MAN. Its insane how long you have been at this, thank you for recruiting me to this hell hole. I hope whatever you do next treats you well my friend. We have been doing this for far too long.

Freedomist: Thank you for being a faithful ally to the Water Vikings, you’re a really cool guy.

Levelz: Levelz. mmmmmmmrbbvvvvvvvvrvvvvvv vbmnvrrvssvvvvvsvsvsvvr rvv ka th ubk. Thanks for being a good friend, I hope you enjoy leading IW.

Special Weapons and Tactics:

 Mare: MARE!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for being an incredible friend and an incredible ally to the Water Vikings. Without you the SWAT-WV alliance wouldn’t have been as strong as it was. Thank you for everything. Leading DILFs on the side was one of the funniest times of my career. Dua forever!!!!

Coolguy: BIG COOLGUY. Thanks man for being a faithful ally to WV and a friend to me even after everything thats happened.

Rebel Penguin Federation

F6sixer: You didnt have to give WV a chance after all that had happened and you did. Thanks man I really appreciate what RPF did for WV when we needed it most, enjoy whatever you do next.

Elexonck: You too Elex, you didnt have to give us a chance but you did. Thank you for that, keep up the great work in RPF

Link3000: I know youll do great things with RPF, you are an amazing leader with a bright future and a great friend. I hope you enjoy what comes next for you in this community

Crazzyhead: You are one of my closest friends on here and you know how much I appreciate you. Thank you for being a close friend. I hope you and Bam have fun tonight.

Silver Empire

Amber: Thank you for everything you did for WV, you were an incredible ally and an incredible leader. You were also an amazing friend to me. I hope what you’re doing now is going well.

Df44: BIG DF, You were WV before I got here but nonetheless it was like you never left in the first place. From SP to SE you were always at WVs side when we needed it. Thank you for being a close friend and a great ally. Later tonight we can eat chourico and drink fruit wine together and reminisce about our tenures.

Dragon: Dragon you were an amazing leader for SE and a great friend, I appreciate you and everything you did for us. Thank you for coding the best bot to ever be created (BERT BOT).

Underground Mafias Army

Dino Cobra and Zamb: You three all have amazing potential to do something great, whether it be here or irl or both. Your dedication is unmatched, when you guys are wired in on something there is nobody better and all 3 of you are incredibly smart. I hope life goes well for all 3 of you when its all said and done. I am so proud to call all 3 of you my brothers. I hope it was nice to see a UMA Veteran return and not take a shit on you for reviving UMA.

BERT: HURB. You also have the potential to do great things I just wish you weren’t so fucking stubborn to see it. I love you man either way, there really is nobody like you.

Eden: BIG EDEN, Ill include you here because I feel like you fit in here for some reason. Thank you for everything you do for me in times where I need it most, you’re a great friend and a great person. I hope you accomplish whatever it is you do next outside of this community.


32op: It was insane to come back and see what you have done here man, my last memory of you was a little kid who made some noise leading Chaos while being DCP LIT. Might not mean much to you but I am proud of what you accomplished. Good luck in whatever you do next.

Bam117: You are my brother, it was awesome to come back and see you again. We made so many memories since then, hanging out with you is one of my favorite things to do because its never a dull moment. Keep roasting ACP man.

Additional Thank Yous (in no particular order)

  • Jack
  • Moses
  • Potassium
  • Fedd
  • Manu
  • Aphrodite
  • Pixie
  • Gary
  • Alucard
  • Purple
  • Subster
  • Wynn
  • Snowy
  • Ayan
  • Scorp
  • Diwix
  • Spotty
  • DMT
  • Max
  • Luciferstar
  • Vanish
  • Koloway
  • Xing
  • Racecar
  • Legoman
  • Kaliee
  • Grace
  • Aubz
  • Panini (RPF)
  • Yvng Baller
  • Panini (IW)
  • Nicky
  • Lukey
  • Bschar
  • Villa
  • Lydia
  • Izuno
  • Actionspark
  • Shira
  • Rah
  • Tia
  • Jacquardio
  • Cosmo
  • Brad (RPF)
  • Flamez
  • Madhav
  • Bri
  • Bo
  • Honda
  • Pandor
  • Mogi
  • Orange

If I missed you, I apologize, again I am just doing this from memory. I am now at 3413 words. I called it, I wasn’t able to stop once I got started. I always see alot of people who have some kind of regret for spending their time here. Not me, I joke about it sometimes. But I don’t mean a word of it. This place, this community, is apart of me in so many ways. I met so many amazing people throughout the years, I am proud to call this place my home. It will always have a special place in my heart. Anyways, it’s time to end this sucker off.

Thank you for this incredible journey

For the final time Vikings,

Water Vikings. Then. Now. FOREVER

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  1. You forgot me, Aaron

  2. You forgot me, Aaron

  3. We love you, Mr. Stone! <3 Happy retirement, and thank you for everything that you have done for the Water Vikings! <3

  4. We love you, Mr. Stone! <3 Happy retirement, and thank you for everything that you have done for the Water Vikings! <3

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