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Good Evening Vikings.

The Water Vikings declare WAR on SWAT

Some might be asking, why? SWAT harbors people such as Greeny, who willingly tried to ally himself and his army with RFCP (a group of pedophiles). We called LGA out on this issue and Greeny said he had “No knowledge of any relations with RFCP”. How the fuck can you be an an army leader and not know what’s going on in an army YOU created. WV and Templars together (I know that’s a weird thing to imagine) started a vote to get LGA Leaders banned from the CPA League. After the vote passed unanimously, Greeny was “demoted” to LIT, where he still holds an admin role. LGA has pretty much since merged into SWAT bringing the issue to their front door. SWAT has failed to act on this, therefore I will. I didn’t want it to come to this, but it has.

One other thing, their treatment of their veterans, people I call close friends is another issue. The fact that their veterans and legends felt they had to leave the server because they no longer felt welcome and because they heard they were in danger of being banned is not alright. This is not the same SWAT I allied with back in August of 2021 led by Mare.


  1. Neither SWAT nor WV following this declaration can transfer any servers until the conclusion of the war. The only exception to this rule is if an army forfeits the war and transfers all of their servers to the opposing side (e.g. if SWAT transfers all of their servers to WV). Refer to rule 8
  2. The usage of allies are allowed in this war.
  3. Outside involvement of other armies are allowed in this war. This means visitors and veterans from other armies may attend for either sides.
  4. All war battles must be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance with the CPA league. Failure to do so will lead to the invalidation of the scheduling.
  5. Neither sides can multilog, dox, hack, ddos, pizza bombing, or swat during the war.
  6. All battles must be judged by CPAJ’s officiated judges. Judge-in-trainings are permitted to spectate in accordance to CPAJ’s policies. No judges can be from either WV or SWAT.
  7. No army is allowed to merge into SWAT or WV following this declaration and will stay in place until the war has concluded. Any merger will be deemed invalid. Should members of said merged army decide to participate in their new army, the battle will result in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor.
  8. The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning force.
  9. A withdrawal from this conflict for any reason and in any shape or form (e.g. withdrawing from the server map, withdrawing from the CPA league, etc.) will constitute as a forfeit of the war.
  10. Any evidence of any of these war terms being breached will result in an instant defeat of the opposing side in this war. This cannot be invoked unilaterally, however, and is up to the CPA league administration.
  11. All other CPA league map rules apply for this war.


Pj’s addendum: Stay dead this time thanks babe


Aaronstone Viking Commander/Legend

Pydro Viking Commander/Greatest Viking

Buddy Viking Commander/Legend

Adden Viking Commander/Legend

Pjayo Advisor/Viking Legend

Guncotton Advisor/Viking Legend

Dino Leader in Training/Greatest Viking 

John Doe Leader in Training/Greatest Viking 

Mabel Leader in Training/Greatest Viking 

Chey Leader in Training/Greatest Viking 




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