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The Puffle Party Is Here!

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hey Vikings! Our beloved puffles are back, and so are many exciting things to explore in the new Puffle Party. Let’s dive right in!

Starting with our lovely little pets, you can head over to the Pet Shop and adopt up to 16 puffle friends! The puffle catalogue has also made a return with food and toys for your pets.

Once you have your puffle, you can tour the island for pins and free items. If you head to the Town, you can find a Polka Dot Puffle Hat!

Moving forward to the Beach, there are free Lavender Bunny Ears.

Also, at the Beach, you will see that the Box Dimension has returned! Jump in and enjoy the mountain of cookies for you and your puffle!

Not only that, but the Hidden Dojo Room is also now available, through the loose wall panel in the Dojo.

What better way to celebrate our puffle friends than to transform into them? Head over to the Ski Lodge and enter the Puffle Play Zone. (You can also go there directly by clicking on the bag icon on the top right corner.)

Once you’re there, you can walk over and sit on any one of the saloon chairs to get transformed into a random puffle!

Lastly, there are Daily Items that you can collect by clicking on the same bag icon mentioned before.

And that’s it for now! Many new things will be available during this party, so make sure to log on every day and explore!

Enjoy your puffles, adios!

What do YOU think of the new party? Let us know in the comments below!

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