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He’s Re(tired)van

He’s Re(tired)van

Everyone knows the man, the myth, the (recently inducted) legend! Revan needs no introduction but lemme give you one anyway. Revan, formerly known as Totidile, has let multiple armies, including but not limited to Club Penguin Night Divers, Air Force, Pretzels, Water Vikings, and more. His exploits in S/M community are well known, CPND beat the red alliance alone, every army he had was at the top of smac or low cpac, he created SM army alliance to fight waters CPPA during his S/M purge, he won countless s/m wars HE IS A LEGEND

Revan is a beloved figure in the Water Vikings. He has done a fabulous job leading this army, and will always be remembered for his achievements (but more so for the tent story, let’s be honest). But unfortunately, Revan has decided to retire to become a full-time cat mom (yes I stole that, shut up). So if this dumdum doesn’t know he’s loved af he better know it by the end of this post. I asked a bunch of people about their favourite memory featuring Revan, and this is what they had to say

I’m surprised nobody mentioned #horn-knee-jail! have too many good memories with Revan, most not appropriate for here 👀, but I think the frustration of making pizza dough together takes the cake.

We’re gonna miss you, Revan

Lots of love,

The Water Vikings


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