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[AUSIA] Back in Time Party


Today, 23rd May, 2021, We logged onto Abominable on Club Penguin for a quick blast to the past as we dressed up in prehistoric costumes for the Back in Time Party!!

We met up at the Gift Shop to start off the fun then headed over to the Berg and finished it off at the Stadium!!

Special thanks to Kiloz for leading the warmups and Misty and Claire for leading puntastically, and a big big thank you to Df44 for VC transcribing for us last minute 🙂

Thanks to everyone who took event pics, who turned up as well!!

Very nice job to C4NN0N for the coolest costume today 😉

MAX: 27

C4NN0N’s outfit!

Make sure you try and attend the Battle against RPF later today and react in the channel if you haven’t already!! we need as many of you as we can 😀

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