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The Ocean Oracle: Do you know your Leaders?

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Hello everyone! This is my very first time writing for the Ocean Oracle so I am very happy to have this opportunity to interview our newest leaders, Misty and Oreo!

On April 27th, 2021, Kingfunks4 announced changes in the Water Vikings leadership team, appointing Misty and Oreo as the new commanders! Both Misty and Oreo were Second In Command for some time and did a phenomenal job in their duties to help keep the army striving, so the promotion was very well deserved for them. They are the 71st and 72nd leaders of this army.

Kingfunks4′ announcement

Without further ado, if you wanted to learn more about our leaders and what else they do, then this is the right place to do so!

It has been almost a month since your promotions, so far what has been the biggest difference compared to when you were a 2ic?

Misty: Jesus has it been a month already? I’d have to say the responsibilities. There’s definitely a lot more to do than when I was a 2ic.

Oreo: I feel like when i was a 2ic, i had to ask the leaders about any decisions i wanted to make. Now that i’m a leader, im the one telling the other staff what to do and making the big decisions. It still feels kinda weird ngl but im enjoying it.

What is one of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the armies today compared to when you two had first joined the armies community?

Misty: The community itself. Back when I joined, everyone was always talking, always in vc. Even when things were slow, there was always a conversation going. I feel lately we’ve been missing that sense of community, and I hope we can reestablish that sense of community

Oreo: Well back when i first joined, we still used CPA and i feel like the community as a whole was quite a bit different. I think with all the old gen retiring and the new gen taking over caused a lot of the change.

Going back to the past, what is one thing you would say to your trainee self?

Misty: It’s okay to take a break sometimes. I never took a break back then and it affected my school life. Overdoing anything is never good.

Oreo: I’d probably just say something simple like “keep on going even though theres gonna be some challenges cause its worth it in the end and you’re gonna end up having the time of your life”

Just a funny question now to end the interview off, is blue really your favorite color?

Misty: YES! If I have to make a choice, I’ll always choose the blue option. My wardrobe is 80% blue. My favourite stuffed toy as a child was a blue bear called Blue Bear, solely because it was blue. Blue has always been, and will always be, my favourite colour

Oreo: nahh i’d say orange is my favorite color (but blue is pretty cool too)

A huge congratulations to Misty and Oreo for their one month coming up in a few days. Hopefully, we’ll see more of their work together in the future, but they’ve done a lot in this small time to help our community strive!

What do YOU expect of this new leadership? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


Viking Warrior & OO Skald


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