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The Ocean Oracle: New beginnings

HOT CHOCOLATE, Foreign Affairs – Hey there! Welcome to the special and first edition of The Ocean Oracle. \ (•◡•) /

The Ocean Oracle has arrived to be the Water Vikings news and entertainment bulletin. Every week we will be doing interviews, talking about interesting topics not only concerning to WV but also to the whole army community as well as fun posts about CPR game updates and much more.

Without further ado, I am here to talk about friendship and community. Last month we established a new brother alliance with the Silver Empire (SE), and as they have just completed their 1 year anniversary I am bringing you their history and an exclusive interview.

One of the Silver Empire first meetups on May 7th, 2020

For those who do not know, the Silver Empire was created one year ago on April 20th, 2020, by Zach and Jimmy with the main goal of bringing people together and having fun while experiencing Club Penguin nostalgia. Shortly after its creation, Zach and Jimmy brought a third leader, Fae. The three leaders eventually started to depart from the army and when Zach left, a fourth leader came up. On May 18th, Amber (Electrumm) became the new Silver Commander.

Under Amber’s leadership Silver Empire performances and sizes improved event by event. And eventually on October 18th, the Silvers reached the CPAH top ten major armies finishing in 10th.


CPAH Top Ten Armies (18-10-2020)

With more than 700 members on their chat and consistent sizes, the official major army status would be eventually declared on March 15th, 2021, after the first round of the CPAHQ March Madness Tournament. There the Silvers battled against Fire Warriors winning with a score of 2-1-1 and with a record of 34 penguins online.

Announcement regarding the major army status (15-03-2021)

On April 1st, the Silver Empire became brother ally of the Water Vikings. On April 20th, 2021, one year after its creation, and on a special anniversary event, where even Silver Veterans and Legends returned, they reached their highest ever max of 39 penguins online.

Silver Empire Anniversary Event (20-04-2021)

To help us understand better how the Silver Empire evolved and how the Silver Vikings alliance began, I prepared an exclusive interview with Amber, the Silver Commander. ʕ•⍝͡•ʔ


Were you in armies before SE, and if so which ones and what was the highest rank you had there?

I haven’t been in any armies prior to Silver Empire. This is my first and most likely last army to be in.

How were the first moments in SE?

The first moments in SE were definitely fun and exciting. It was just a group of friends getting together, deciding we should create an army, and just having a fun with one another. It was all for kicks and giggles.

What is SE for you?

Silver Empire originally was supposed to be just a big friend group that was formed during CPO times due to boredom. As time went on, it grew to become a home away from home for many people. SE is a place not only where people can make friends, but it became a community that you can always feel welcomed and safe in.

Are you able to pick the best moment of your career in armies?

The best moment was probably when we tied the Doritos in a PB. This may be considered a very small achievement, but at that point in SE’s time it was definitely a monumental and proud moment for everyone involved since we were still just the little guys.

WV and SE are finally brother allies can you tell me how did this whole alliance idea started?

Our alliance was formed ages ago, but we only started growing as close as we are now a few months ago when Pots approached me to ask for a PB. Ever since then, WV and SE started interacting everyday and became super close almost immediately. It’s definitely one of the best alliances we have ever had and I’m sure I can speak for the other SE staff in saying we are very happy to call them our brother allies.

Last question, what do you think that can be improved in the CPA community and how do you see the future of it?

In all honesty, the CPA community has become super toxic. Most people continue to take it too seriously and use it as a popularity contest instead of being here for fun. I feel as though if we stopped taking it as seriously and focused more on having fun again, it would improve the community as a whole. I’m not sure what the future of CPA will look like, hopefully the fun will return and the community will be brought together again.

This concludes our interview. With only one year of existence the Silver Empire surely arrived to stay and accomplish new things within the Army Community, keeping their focus on the fun that brought us all together to this game.

What do YOU think about this interview? And what do you think about this new brother alliance? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below or on discord! Happy 1 year anniversary SE! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Third in Command & OO Editor-in-Chief

PS: As Ocean Oracle Editor-in-Chief, I would like to dedicate this first interview to all the amazing people I met in the past months. Not only in WV but also in SE, ACP, DCP, AOS and others. Army community can be much more than a bunch of penguins dancing. Here we build friendships, love and affection as well and I am grateful to have some of you by my side. Stay tuned for the next posts and FEAR THE WAVE!

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