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Introducing The Ocean Oracle

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – On behalf of the Water Vikings Higher Command, I am excited to announce that after weeks of planning we have decided to launch our very own news and updates organisation called the Ocean Oracle.

The Ocean Oracle’s aim is to provide you, the Water Vikings troops, with updates on CPR, WV and the wider army community. This will hopefully make our website much more exciting, as it will finally be much more than just event result posts! Later on in the post, I will outline what sort of things we will be posting as part of the Ocean Oracle. As a former CPA Central CEO, the most famous CP Army news site in history, I know that news reporting in armies is very important and can be really interesting. It will make it easier for you to be aware of things going on in the Water Vikings and the rest of the army community, in a way that will hopefully spark your interest. We will even hopefully have more amazing graphics like the one you can see at the top of the post 😲.

In-charge of the Ocean Oracle will be Chief Executive Officer Misty and Editor-In-Chief Df44. They will both be responsible for ensuring that our posts are of high quality, and will be in-charge of planning the exciting content that we will include. The rest of the team will be made up of other Higher Command and Staff members, who will be making the posts that you will see! This week you will see posts by Df44, Abi, Chey and Claire, but in future other staff members will get involved with posting.

Below are just some of the things that will be included as part of our coverage in the Ocean Oracle…


CPR Cheats and News

Club Penguin Rewritten

There are of course many cheats and updates that occur on CP Rewritten, from hidden items and rumours to upcoming parties. It can be quite hard to keep up to date with all of this and these series of posts will keep all of these updates in one place. The first one of these updates will be posted this week by Abi, who will also look out for any active codes that you can use to gain more coins and items to spruce up your Water Vikings uniform!

‘This Week in CP Armies’

One of our most interesting columns will be ‘This week in CP Armies’, where we look back at a moment of history from CP Armies (any time from 2006-2021!). This will include major wars, tournaments or moments of controversy that were significant in the history of the CP Army community. This will include both Water Vikings related events and moments from other armies. This will be a great chance to learn more about CP Army history, with the first coming this week from Chey, Claire and Df.

Q&A With Staff and Higher Command

How to Make Compelling Q&A Videos to Build Trust in Your Brand

Have you ever wanted to ask our Higher Command or Staff members some questions? In these posts you will get the chance to ask these questions, whether or not they are fun or serious! It could be anything from ‘what is your favourite pet?’ to ‘what are the aims and ambitions going forward for the army?’. We will answer any questions that you may have, and hopefully we will have some revealing answers.


Club Penguin Times Issue #494 – Interview With ?????? | Club Penguin Island Cheats

This section will see members of our team interview other staff, higher command or troops in the army to give them a platform to show what they think. There will also be some special interviews with former Water Vikings and other people in our allied armies such as Silver Empire, ACP, AoS and DCP. These should be some interesting interviews!

Wider Community Updates

The final part of our coverage will include wider community updates, with the exact structure to be confirmed. It could include spotlighting how the rest of the army community is getting on through ‘Army Updates’ and connecting our army to the rest of the community. The exact details of this are to be confirmed, but Ocean Oracle will be bringing you the most important news and updates.


We hope that these ideas will be successful and provide some excellent posts, and with our highly capable reporting and editorial team I am sure that this will be the case. We are of course open to any suggestions for what else could be included in the Ocean Oracle. If any of you have any ideas, or wish to be involved as part of the reporting team, let either Df or Misty know and they will see if this can go ahead – we would love any ideas!

It is now over to you as we want to hear YOUR opinion in the comment section. Are you looking forward to the Ocean Oracle, what is your favourite upcoming column? Let us know what YOU think.


High Council of Vikings


Viking Commander & OO Chief Executive Officer


Third In Command & OO Editor-In-Chief

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  1. Letsss gooo

  2. Letsss gooo

  3. Gonna be fun! Stay tuned <3

  4. Gonna be fun! Stay tuned <3

  5. Say hello to me! (Exclusive ocean oracle reporter)

  6. Say hello to me! (Exclusive ocean oracle reporter)

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