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Civil War

Greetings Water Vikings!

This post will include the information on how points will be awarded to a division. The division with the most points at the end of the second week shall be declared as the winner of this conflict. Read on to find more about the points scheme.

1. Battle

A battle will span across 3 rooms and will be judged by a neutral party. A room victory will lead to your team winning 3 points, a tie will reward both teams with 1 point each and a loss rewards 0 points. 1 additional point will be rewarded to the team that wins the battle.
This means that the winning team can earn a maximum of 10 points from a battle.

2. Game Nights

Game Nights will be held 10-15 mins after a battle ends. The top 3 will be eligible to earn points for their team.

First place will earn 3 points for their division, 2nd place will earn 2 points for their division and the 3rd place will earn 1 point for their division.

3. Hyping

The individuals who contribute significantly towards the hype before a division battle will win 1 point for their division.

4. Troop Top 10

1st place = 6 points

2nd place = 5 points

3rd place = 4 points

4th place = 3 points

5th place = 2 points

6th to 10th place = 1 point each

5. Recruiter of the Week & Welcomer of the Week

The people who win the newly created titles will earn 5 points each for their respective divisions.


May the best division win.

~Guncotton {Viking Commander}


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