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March Madness 2021: Let’s go Vikings!!

Hypothermia, Moderators’ Home – Hey Vikings! This is an important week! Why? Because we’re in the middle of March Madness, our first ever tournament in HTML5 era.

After our outstanding battle against the CPAHQ staff, this is the week when we face our green allies ACP (Army of Cute Penguins😊). Let me say, this won’t be easy. (But ally affairs aside, WV will prevail hehehe).

Note that WV and ACP were very close on CPAHQ weekly top 10 armies, with ACP being in 3rd place and WV in 4th.

CPAHQ Top 10 Armies

However, We the Vikings never give up! We defeated the Templars easily (easily is modesty, we literally destroyed them), because we have amazing troops and amazing staff (I’m the best of both lol). So the keys to achieve a March Madness success are all of you!


You may ask how can we beat ACP and get into semifinals?  I’ll give a few tips.

  • First of all by ATTENDING EVENTS \ (•◡•) /  – Attending events, from training to battles is obviously the main key to success, the more pinguinos we have logged on the higher our chances to win the battle with cleaner and solid formations.
  • Second is getting people involved in our chat and other activities – Besides Club Penguin activities we host a bunch of other fun things, because having a fun environment is fundamental, otherwise I wouldn’t be here too lol.
  • Third, once you are logged on an event give your best to make fast formations and to not bunch – Fast formations make us look organized, and not bunching makes us feel bigger (remember to social distiancing we’re at a pandemic!!!). If you’re new don’t worry we have a begginers guide and a tutorial on how to not bunch 😎


To get you all into March Madness spirit, I’ll make my own predictions for Elite Eight battles.


Army of Club Penguin vs Water Vikings

This will be our battle, obviously I think we have high chances of winning 😁. But only if we work hard. It will be a great battle and I honestly think that at least one room will be a tie. Both armies are having similar maxing numbers so trust me it’ll be an interesting battle can’t wait for it.

ACP last event maxing +40ACP last event maxing +40
WV last event also maxing +40WV battle aginst CPAHQ staff also maxing +40


Ice Warriors vs Special Weapons and Tactics

Ice Warriors are currently the army placing first on top tens. Considering SWAT last events, I’m pretty sure IW will win all 3 rooms and go straight to the semifinals. (Sorry legoman, change my mind)

IW last event maxing +50SWAT last event maxing 20


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Red Ravagers

Although I enjoyed seeing Templars getting crushed by Red Ravagers 😁, I think this will be another easy battle for the Rebels. I believe RPF will also win all 3 rooms considering their max sizes and cleaner formations. But we’ll see.

RPF last event maxing +40 RR maxing 17 and destroying Templars


Help Force vs Silver Empire

Help Force is a major army so probably it would be easy for them to beat Silver Empire. However, our Cute Silver Allies are totally commited in “Crushing the Force”. SE held an amazing battle against Fire Warriors last week, and they are showing up with strong and clean tactics . As I said HF has better chances to max more penguins online and win the battle, but Silver Empire won’t give up and I wouldn’t be surprised if they win (good stuff guys). I’m excited for this battle and I wish best of luck for silver cuties!

HF last event maxing +50 SE battle against FW maxing +30


What do YOU think about my predictions? Do you have a different opinion? Let us know YOUR opinion in the comments below.

~df44, Viking Warrior

PS: The top ten troops this week was so close 😮 Congrats Oreo, and Kiloz, and congrats to me for top 3 lol. We also saw new faces there which is amazing, well done guys!! 

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