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Declaration of Victory [08/03/2021]

Water Vikings of CP (@Watervikingscp) | Twitter

Declaration of Victory

The Water Vikings hereby declare victory over Templars.

It is with great satisfaction that I bring you news of our forces’ successful conquering of the Templars. For the second time in this nations’ history, we have stood battle against Templars and in two courageously fought and well executed battles; we managed to have the Templars run scared into cowardice submission.

There is little more to be said or done. We entered armed conflict with the Templars only days before this declaration of victory. Not a single soldier failed to step up to the challenge that faced them. The fiery trials and sacrifices we faced through those initial steps towards glory were all that was needed. We made it clear that we would not back down, and so the Templars were forced to flee rather than face the full wrath of wave.

Cruel, and vile in their actions, they showed us their desperation from the start. Desperation to find an alternative way out of this conflict. Desperation to hold onto some ounce of legitimacy; perhaps even an ounce of dignity. In doing so, they tied the hangman’s knot all the tighter, until such a point that it was too tight to breath. Escaping to the gallows of shame, they chose rather to hide away than to fight against the Water Vikings. In that moment, we saw the power of this great nation. The power of collaboration between troops and higher command alike. The true pride that troops hold for this great army, in such a way ignited flames of belief within us that have not been felt for years hence. This is the beginning of a new wave of Viking history.


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