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Legends Cup X: A Guide to Success


Monday, June 8th


Be on at least 15 minutes before!

Why is this important?:

On Monday we go into the Last 16 of the tournament, meaning things get serious! This is the longest running CPA tournament, and is now in its tenth year. This tournament has defined leaders and armies through the years. WV are one of the few armies to reach the final, not once but TWICE. This propelled us to become one of the greatest armies in CP Army history, landing us legendary status. This battle against Elites is vital as they are at a similar stage and size to us, so we must be on top of our game.

Quick Tips:

  • Room changes: Room changes will be announced on voice command, as well as via text. It is critically important that you move immediately and as quickly as possible to that room. This means you get in before the room is full and we can do quick tactics.
  • Formations: We must be super quick making formations. Spot where there are gaps as we form and fill them. Sometimes we may ask you to do a tactic/emote as we make the formation – so remember to do that.
  • Tactics: If we say do an emote, make sure you do that quickly and keep spamming that emote for 10 seconds – dont just do it once. Do the same for word tactics, copy and paste them for 10 seconds!
  • Movement: Make sure to follow the bomb commands and keep going until we make a new formation or do a new bomb.

Tactics/Formation Guide:

X Formation



Two (or more) lines down 

Anchor/upside down T


Waterfall bomb

Rake bomb 

Double Escalator

Tornado Bomb

Make us proud on Monday, WV! I hope these tips and guides helped some of you to know what to expect – we all need to be focusing to win.

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