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Success on Klondike (Tournament)

Día Dúit WV (Hello WV in Irish)!

Today we battled Dark Defenders on Klondike. In the end, we won.We stayed in the Mine the whole time and when the results were released DD troops and leaders were complaining saying they should have won, but to be honest, they stayed in the same line the whole time and we did much more tactics than then. At the start, we were losing in size and had about 10+ on but we were winning in tactics. Things started to pick up and we started to tie with them in size and keep winning tactics wise, Well Done WV! I will be giving out some promos once I finish this post (even if you didn’t come). 

Unfortunately, Dash lost all his pics and I only had two, so here they are!

 86714085f67b16424192e89b6c24a639.jpg 7103c6f154aefc1887aed39176ad9999.jpgDon’t forget about the event tomorrow which times have been changed! You can see it by clicking here.

~Bepboy9|WV Leader & Legend|


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