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Complete Rank Clearance/Events Post

Hai WV

Read on…

Lately allot of our troops have been inactive, the result of this is a complete rank clearance. If you want to re-join you can comment on this post with your name and your old rank or alternatively (we would prefer this way), leave a comment on the join page, which can be found here.

Anyway, from this point on we will rise. The past few events were “warm ups”, it’s time for the real thing. Anyway, onto the events. Btw, unlike the last events, just for this weekend only we wont have a plan, just so we can get a “jist” of the new WV :

❗ Training Session ❗

When: Friday 21st December 2012

Where: Sparkle, Town & http://xat.com/clubpenguinwatervikings


12pm PST//1pm MST//2pm CST//3pm EST//8pm UK //12AM MST//11AM PST

❗ Invasion of Snow Board ❗

When: Saturday 22nd December 2012

Where: Snow Board, Town (Starting) & http://xat.com/clubpenguinwatervikings


EST: 4:00 // CST : 3:00 // MST 2:00 // PST 1:00 // UK : 9:00

Promotions will be decided on the night/day of the event.


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