• Welcome to WV! We are the strongest, multi-divisional army. We have soldiers from all over the world and we need YOU! Join our Discord and represent your continent on the battlefield! You'll be part of the most legendary organization in Club Penguin History. FEAR THE WAVE! ~Water Vikings Leaders

Water Vikings 3rd Generation!

The Water Vikings have returned, with a grand new leadership!

Zak-Created Water Vikings with Jed Pen, lead Water Vikings since they began.

Bepboy9-One of the Water Viking’s first troops, respected, a good leader.

Josephp3-Water Vikings 1st Generation Veteran, Ninjas 2ic, great addition.

Twitchy543-Elites 3ic, new addition to the Water Vikings, a personal friend.

The site will be under construction. We’re hoping for a finished site by August 9. 6 days to do it. Let’s go!

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